Wednesday, November 16, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #9

Nightwing and his new old best friend Superman team up to punch some dreams!

The Spoilers:

Dick has been having a bunch of nightmares since returning to his role as Nightwing, a lot of them featuring people he cares about getting murdered by a creepy skull guy and some robots. When he wakes up from the latest one, Superman is waiting for him, ready to help.

Pre-New 52 Superman recognizes the similarities in this world compared to his, so he's been on the look out for known threats from his world that might pop up in this world. Turns out Dr. Destiny is the source of Dick's nightmares, and there's an energy source linked directly towards him. So some Fortress of Solitude tech later, and Superman is in Dick's mind.

Nightmares go pretty normal, as in everyone dies. Superman suggests he bring Dick to someone he's more at ease, and that's Bludhaven. Superman tells Dick about his Dick (ha) and how he moved to Bludhaven to make it his own, turns out it works and they start fighting back against Dr. Destiny. Things escalate, and Dick uses the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP to fight back and eventually find Dr. Destiny, who is being used by Kobra as retaliation against Dick's recent blows to their empire.

Dick and Superman take out Kobra, call in the League, get a thumbs up from Batman, who offers Dick a ride home. Dick opts out asking for Batman to drop him off in Bludhaven instead.

The Opinion: 

This is a weird issue in that it tries to convince you that Dick and New 52 Superman had the same sort of relationship that pre-New 52 Nightwing and Superman had. Sure, there was that last minute Grayson Annual, but let's be honest... Barely anyone in the New 52 was seemingly allowed to interact outside of their "family" of books, let alone have a friendship that seemed natural. This is why we've got Rebirth. So trying to convince me otherwise just didn't really work. That said, now that Rebirth has just said "fuck it" and gone to restablish all this, it's great to see Dick interact with characters outside of Gotham. Just having the fucking Titans in this issue is something you wouldn't see previously... then we got that splash page where it literally puts Dick in the center of the DCU's character roster, which is pretty fitting. Superman calling him the multiversal-constant at the end was also pretty great. Marcio Takara's art was real energetic and fitting for the character, although I think Dick looked kind of bulky in some pages. Anyways, to sum it all up... reestablishing Dick as this linch pin of the DCU in terms of his relationship with characters is absolutely welcome in my book.

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