Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #8

Considering that next issue is a one shot with Superman, I'm guessing it's pretty easy to predict what happened between Nightwing and Raport when they fought this issue.

The Spoilers:

The long and short of it is, Dick tracks Raptor down to Paris, where he's holding Bruce captive, having put him in some death trap that will stab him in the heart with a pointed silver spoon once the Wayne stock reaches $200. What's the significance? Well, Waynetech spun Bruce's public kidnapping in a way that made the stock skyrocket, and Raptor isn't about the 1% and their sense of justice. Thus the fight between Dick and Raptor begins.

The meat of the the issue is Raptor's backstory. Being part of a Romani circus, he wasn't treated as well as other citizens in Paris, and to be general about it, he wasn't treated well at all. On top of that, he contracted leprosy and wasn't able to access the drugs that were meant to be given to his people, and then was abandoned. A young Mary Lloyd was the only person who gave Raptor the time of day, and helped him steal the drugs he needed to get better, and the two formed a friendship, with Raptor developing his sense of justice that benefits the little people who are victims of the rich. Given his history and general weirdness, he kept away from the public eye in his time with the circus, not to draw attention to himself. So, after Mary's death and Bruce Wayne taking Dick in, that set Raptor off.

Anyways, Dick gives him the old "Bruce saved me from becoming him" stuff where he points out that he's not Bruce Wayne and Raptor is wrong, then proceeds to fuck Raptor's shit all the way up. Dick saves Bruce, Spyral comes and implies they'll wipe Raptor's memory of Bruce being Batman, and that's that. Heart worming scene between Dick and Bruce, the end.

The Opinion:

So in a general thought, I have a hard time seeing how some sort of tension between Dick and Bruce is going to lead to Dick going to Bludhaven. They seem pretty alright to me. Anyways, I really enjoyed Raptor's backstory. It's just so detailed to an extent you don't usually see when we meet completely new characters who are supposed to be from the star's past. On top of that, Fernandez's art has really grown on me throughout the series and this issue is just really visceral and hard hitting, top notch stuff.

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  1. Yeah. This issue was great and a good cap to the arc. Not counting NOTMM i count these issues part or arc one making a decent 6 issue arc :)

    Once Raptor one day returns i expect an epic confrontation. Now that that is over bring on Superman ;)