Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #1

If you were to pull one line from this book to describe it and it's place within DC and Gotham, it would probably have to be "Fuck the bat."

The Spoilers:

Meet Violet Paige, Gotham socialite, into cybernetic enhancements, daughter to a now dead father and a mother with Alzheimer's back in Gotham to pay an unfriendly visit to an old family friend named Hemsley, who has commissioned a piece of let's say... taboo art. So taboo, that it spooks his bodyguard (and implied lover) into running, and boy he can't have that. 

Violet attends a charity gala (also attended by Kate Kane, there's an implied relationship there) in search of a way to get Hemsley's guard and get out, but the man is no where to be found because he's being confronted by a bunch of hired goons in a dark alley. Turns out Violet also has a thing for costumes, saves the guard, but when he suggests she's a friend of the bat, she knocks his ass out with a "fuck the bat" line, then brings him back to her home base, where her mother, oddly lucid waits. 

Turns out Hemsley commissioned and artist who is also a serial killer to make some human art for him. Guard didn't appreciate it as much as he, and bailed. So he lets the artist know about the situation and she's on the case to find the missing guard, all while Violet is interrogating him, trying to find out what Hemsley has been up to. 

Then there's a back up with a radio host talking about Batman getting killed on air by a guy who just says Thanksgiving. Calendar man?

The Opinion:

Cool start to the Young Animal book that I'm interested in the most, for obvious reasons. I appreciate just having a character in Gotham that says "shit" and "fuck." Clearly, I swear a lot, and so does pretty much anyone I know, so the attitude and language just sits well for me. Violet is as sold. Vigilante with a bad attitude, and that's cool. The book is weird, not Doom Patrol weird, but definitely out there a bit, and it wears it proud. With everything being new, it can be a bit hard to follow, especially with Tommy Lee Edwards' chaotic art, but one issue in, it's definitely got a distinctive look I can get behind. Liked seeing the Batwoman and Batman cameos, and I really hope that this book is treated as in universe as much as possible. Doesn't need to go full on crossover, but I'd just love to see a regular reminder that although this is on the fringes, it's in Gotham and has good reason to be other than for the name drop.

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