Thursday, November 10, 2016

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy Second Semester #3

It's the Detective Club vs. the Witch Club, so it's basically like Battle Royale... without the murder. And pretty much everything else.

The Spoilers:

The Witch Club members are being mind controlled into stealing special books with some special symbols in them, and the Detective Club corners one in an attempt to find Maps and find out there's some mind control nonsense in the hats, familiar? When the team splits up, Colton ends up getting caught in the work shop after taking a dive for Pom, and the rest find out that Maps' roommate, the Clayface girl, knows where she is and they go into the woods to find her.

They come across the Witch Club at a big old book burning, one book that gets burned is Eric's notebook, and boy does he not take it well. As Maps is free and a big struggle breaks out between everyone, Olive can't help but stare at the fire and for whatever reason, Amy prods her into it more and more. When the struggle is over, Katherine turns to mud and puts the fire out, Olive snaps out of it. Bookworm mysteriously appears and it turns out the English teacher has an issue with him, thus the book burning. With everyone safe, Maps, back to her normal self asks where Colton is.

Getting expelled! That's where.

The Opinion:

Yeah, this arc has been a bit different. The tone of the book, while showing some hints of the previous volume being a tad bit dark, it just seems to have been... goodied up or something. There's a lot of "c'mon gang, we can do it! teamwork!" sort of mentality and "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you kids!" Like, it's fine, it is obviously a little more aimed towards a younger audience, but it just feels sort of different. So far I've got to say I prefer the tone of the first volume, which like I've said there have been hints of... I just want more of that. Also, we find out Colton is some sort of queer. There have been hints that he's got a crush on someone, turns out its Kyle. Good time for that, I guess, given what the world could be facing soon.

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