Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #945

This is one of those issues where the cover is pretty indicative of the content.

The Spoilers:

So, the short end of this is: Man, Stephanie sure is pissed at Batman. Harper tells Bats that she was contacted, Batman wants to know what was said. Steph just says the First Victim said that they were sorry and wanted to make sure she's alright. Batman thinks there's something else, tells Batwoman to schedule the psych evals for the team while they wait for the Victim Syndicate to strike again.

After going pretty deep in with Clayface who is suffering from guilt and the fear that he could snap, Steph is next with Leslie, and breaks down the team as either bad guys or the offspring of bad guys, thus Batman just wants to steer everything his way, not to make waves in the future. She also figures out that Batman is listening in on her conversation with Leslie, which is kind of fucked, and digs the fuck into him. Meanwhile, Batwoman tells Batwing off for not taking the life they live seriously and having no skin in the game.

Meanwhile at Leslie's clinic, Harper has a heart to heart with Jean Paul (she's canonically bi now, just saying. I don't think that was ever explicit) which is interrupted by the Victim Syndicate making an entrance. Jean Paul tells Harper to call Batman while he whips out his flaming sword, because that's what he do.

Batman gets the call, summons the team to head to the clinic, minus Stephanie. When everyone is gone, Stephanie has a chat with Tim, whose standing right there in the room with her... and since the Belfry has holograms and shit, that's probably the answer and Stephanie is taking Tim's loss a little harder than anyone has figured.

The Opinion:

Man, Steph is pissed. I do think the one thing that sort of rubbed me the wrong was was not seeing her conversation with The First Victim, not even a little bit, because we come into this issue and she's gone from 0 to 60 real fast in being super pissed off with Batman, where it was not too many issues ago that featured those two having a real hugging it out moment. But, she's obviously a little more messed up than she's letting on, so there's that. Other than that, Detective continues to be great, mixing in a lot of great character moments with the team playing off each other. We had some fill in art this time, which was kind of a mixed bag, but pretty alright for the most part. Enjoyed Carnero's pages more. Another good issue of Detective, that's for sure.


  1. I like that Tynion is including story arcs for almost every character, and without it seeming too overcrowded. This really is his best work.

    1. It's been super light on Cassandra though.

    2. There was some interview recently that basically said Cassandra's story was a slow burn, with a big focus coming in the League of Shadows arc.

      Otherwise, yeah, she's had some badass moments ("The Muscle") but lighter character work so far.

  2. I think Tynion should make JPV and Cass get together. Denny O'Neil was doing that back during "No Man's Land," and they had really great chemistry.