Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #944

The Victim Syndicate arrives, and spoilers, they don't like Batman very much.

The Spoilers:

Well, as stated above, Victim Syndicate is here, they do the whole bad guy speech in an attempt to broadcast their message, but Batwing cuts their feed. Nevertheless, they will strike at those who support Batman and his war every day until he unmasks himself and answers for what he's done. They mean business too, draping Stephanie via non-lethal poison without even lifting a finger.

When Batman, Batwoman and Batwing regroup in the Belfry, Batwoman has discovered the origin of all but the leader, each one being victims to Gotham's rogues attacks on Batman, one of whom has a direct link to Clayface and one his attempts on Batman's life, so things are little personal for him.

As Batwing tries to get acquainted with the Belfry's tech, Batwoman searches for more information and Batman goes to visit Stephanie, but Leslie Thompkins won't allow him to see her that night. Safe to say, she's not too pleased with Bruce. That said, The First Victim makes his or her way into Steph's room for a little chat.

The Opinion:

Victim Syndicate is a cool idea. Definitely addresses that little "why is anyone even in Gotham after all the horrendous shit that keeps happening?!" question. I also like that there's one directly tied to Clayface that gave him a spook. I think I said two weeks back that his story has been one of the most surprising elements so far, so adding more depth to that is more than appreciated by me. Other than that, everything that's been going for this book in prior issues, the art, the character interaction, etc, continues to go strong, and it's still one of the best books DC puts out. Shocker, right?

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  1. Real good issue. i like the Victim Syndicate as baddies, and dig the fact that Clayface has to face his past in order to be a hero. Also, I wonder if Luke will eventually go the whole "I'm really a heartfelt good guy, not a arrogant rich kid" to Kate when they talk.