Wednesday, November 16, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #11

Remember that first arc where I was like "this is cool, but it's missing that moral ambiguity from Tom King that makes you question how you feel about everything that something such as Omega Men featured."


The Spoilers:

Flashing back to Catwoman's capture, she tells Batman that if he does what he feels he needs to, two things will happen, 1. They'll kill her. 2. It'll be over between them. Batman reiterates her body count and asks her what he's supposed to do.

Cut to Santa Prisca, and everyone is getting into position. Batman tells Catwoman that she is to keep Arnold safe at all cost while they head to the cell block Psycho Pirate is being kept in, Wesker's the key apparently. Meanwhile, Bronze Tiger escorts the insufferable duo of Punch and Jewelee to the front gate to pose as an offering to Bane. Punch seems to believe that Bronze Tiger is a bit ancy due to a past brush with venom. Tiger tells them both to shut up.

While Tiger presents the duo to Bane as the only man to escape Santa Prisca and the reason he did so, in exchange for help on the League of Assassin's assignment to kill Batman. Catwoman seemingly goes off script and tells Wesker to stay put in the bowels of the prison. Shortly after that, she makes her way into Bane's chamber, takes out Bronze Tiger and tells Bane that Batman escaped and is in the vents. Punch and Jewelee, with their cover blown, attack, but end up getting their throats slashed for it. Who would have thought the characters that no one remembers might be the cannon fodder of the arc?! Anyways, Catwoman tells Bane to ask her what's next, to which she answers that Bane will give her a plane and means to disappear, and in return she'll tell him how to truly break the Bat.

The Opinion:

Well, ain't that some shit. Like I said, I wanted that moral ambiguity from Tom King that he presented in his "trilogy" of books (Omega Men, Vision, Sheriff of Babylon) and did I ever get it this issue. Catwoman with the heel turn... but, if I know Tom King's work, and I like to think that I do, not everything is what it seems. Something that threw me off is that Catwoman took off her mask before she left Wesker, then when she pops up for her heel-turn, it's back on. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's something, who fucking knows at this point. But man... I need to see where this shit goes, like right now.

Had no idea Catwoman would be the biggest talking point of this arc. Sure, I was excited to see her be on this Suicide Squad-esque team, but man if Tom King isn't just blowing everything up. She's got her back to the wall in more ways than one and is just fighting for survival. Ever see a cat who gets pinned into a corner by a dog or something? The claws fucking come out, and sure enough, here they are. I really hope there's a swerve coming or that there's a long game with Selina at play. While I like where things have been going, her being in full on animosity mode with Batman is not something I personally would want.

The one thing I didn't like was the opening dialogue and how stark it was. Bruce and Selina referring to each other as "Cat" and "Bat" probably should have happened only once at the opening. It being repeated just felt so robotic and impersonal. In my opinion, that last panel of the opening where Bruce goes "Cat, what am I supposed to do?" would have been way more effective if they dropped the bravado of the scene and characters and substituted first names in there. It was a weird misstep where you can tell it's supposed to be an emotional scene, but the dialogue stifles it a bit.

But anyways... yeah, this arc is something else so far. It's taking things out of my comfort zone which is great. While I may not be happy with some of the results, that's life and I'd rather have something where I'm itching to find out what happens next, than something that plays it predictably safe.


  1. I'm gonna be the only one to say this, but I really, REALLY hope that Punch and Jewelee's deaths were somehow a fake out. I'm a rather big fan of the characters and have been excited for there return, and having them just offed like that seems like a waste, especially since I have suspicions that Punch is one of the 3 Jokers (he appeared in issue 9, the issue they said the 3 Jokers story would start to come in again).

    1. When you consider what Punch and Jewelee's powers are the death being an illusion explanation makes a lot of sense. They used a set of alien tech that they found, Jewelee uses a number of gems; one of which is a hypno jewel that can create convincing illusions and light effects.

    2. You're correct, I'd almost forgot about there powers because of how long it's been and how they didn't get into them in the last few issues. Reading the issue over, it's clear this is all a part of the plan, Punch even making a reference to dying in there and not treating the death of his wife to seriously.

  2. Tom King sure know how to write a femme fatal.

  3. This was a great issue. I had to laugh, though, at CBR's coverage of it where the say we still don't know why Catwoman killed all of those people. For comic reviewers they sure don't have good reading comprehension.