Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #10

What could Bane do to Batman that's worse than breaking his back? How about resting his bare junk on Batman's broken back? Because that's a thing that happens when you realize Bane's just hanging out naked.

The Spoilers:

Batman is invading the Sovereign Nation of Santa Prisca with a simple message: "Bane. I've come for Psycho-Pirate. I need him to save someone who needs to be saved. Turn him over, I go way. Refuse to turn him over and I will break your damn back." and that's pretty much the only thing Bruce says throughout the issue as his plane is shot down, he fights off a literal army until he cannot fight anymore and is brought before a venom-less Bane who seemingly once again breaks Batman's back, and throws him into the cell he spent his youth in. 

But all is not what it seems with Bruce, as he gets up in the cell and mounts an escape attempt... maybe breaking his back again? (yeah, I'll get to that) but he still gets out, and meets Catwoman and Arnold Wesker on the outskirts of the prison island. Catwoman tells Batman that the rest of the team is on schedule and in position then asks what the next step is. Batman simply states: "Now, we break his damn back."

Throughout this issue, Selina reads a letter she had written Bruce, presumably from Arkham. She compares their lives and how they were brought up. Both having lost their parents, but that's where their paths strayed. Selina spent time in a Wayne Foundation orphanage that was senselessly destroyed by a terrorist group, leading to the death of over 100 children. Selina then spent her life offing every single member of the terror group, all 237 of them. Clearly, she was found out and that's how she ended up in Arkham. Then there's a lot more comparisons between the two, with Selina hoping that someday maybe Bruce will forget the love left behind and just feel left behind like her, and then maybe their kisses would last past a fleeting moment. 

The Opinion: 

So the one thing I didn't like about this issue was what the fuck was happening with Bruce's back. It looks like Bane does Bane things and breaks it again (ACCOLADE!) and then it's not broken... but Bruce stresses the fuck out of himself trying to break out and looks like he breaks it again? Whatever was trying to be conveyed just didn't come across well and it's more confusing than anything.

That said, holy shit this was a badass issue. I read some reviews from garbage websites with garbage ads that knock this issue for Batman sounding robotic because he's repeating the same thing over and over again. Fuck that. What we get with Batman in this issue is a blind badass determination. You know how when US military members are instructed to just repeat their name, rank and service number on the event of being captured? Well that's basically what Batman is doing and it makes sense given Tom King's CIA background. But instead of name, rank, etc. it's just Batman repeating "Do what I say or I will fuck. your. shit. up." That's great. Just flat out great. I also enjoyed the aspect of Bane pointing out that Batman invaded his country and by law, the Justice League can't save him. That's a cool little bit that addresses the ever present "Well, why doesn't the Justice League just show up" question that could always be brought up with Batman. 

Then there's the Catwoman stuff. The 237 deaths turned out to be more literal than I expected, but given what everyone else ends up in Arkham for and how people seemed to think that was the fate of Selina's reason for incarceration, the reality is much more fitting. Selina isn't a killer, not in the traditional Gotham sense. She assassinated terrorists who had killed over a hundred children and had plans to do more. It's a deep shade of moral grey, but it's one that Selina can wear well. And on top of that, Bruce and Selina know each other's identities again. That's all I ever wanted. Thumbs up from me.


  1. This is the Tom King I have been waiting for. Brilliant book and I feel now has made this batman his. It takes a lot to follow that Snyder run but I feel he has hit his stride. Loved the cat woman stuff. Very similar to the omega men where he makes you question good and evil. He makes things very grey as opposed to black and white. My interpretation of the "back" thing was bane dislocated it and that batman made hand and foot holds to bend backwards and snap it back in place

  2. Batman was clearly realigning his own back after Bane damaged it. I don't know how it can be interpreted it any other way, unless you think Batman is a masochist, which... huh, good point.

    Looking forward to getting more and more information about Selina's darker turn (even if those guys were terrorists).

    1. That's how I read it as well. He was fixing his back. After Knightfall, it makes sense that he would learn how to do that quickly. Plus, as Bane himself said, he couldn't quite *break* his back without venom, just kinda break it.

  3. This and Superman #10 were amazing. Damien was excellent.