Thursday, November 10, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #4

We get the origin of Helena Bertinelli! And I'm pretty sure it's the same!

The Spoilers:

Striking it out on her own, Helena aims to take out her target, whose name I can't be bothered to remember, once and for all, but the snake metas cause some trouble, Batgirl and Black Canary come to the rescue, but the target escapes. Turns out Babs did some digging through "Oracle's" files and found one on Helena, thus they know her name now.

Then we get the origin of Helena, which like I said, pretty much the same, minus some names being changed for her current vendetta. Parents murdered in mafia war, sent to Italy to go into hiding, came back looking for vengeance. 

Helena decides to rejoin Babs and Dinah, and they aim to find Oracle for real this time, and once they do, they find a lot of Batgirl fan obsession in an empty hideout.

The Opinion: 

God damn it, please don't be Calculator. I got the feeling it's just going to be Calculator because tradition, but I really don't want it to be... Garbage tier right there. Anyways, good Helena spotlight issue, but since I'm already a pretty big fan of the character anyways, there wasn't a whole lot of new stuff to be had for me. Bummed they didn't get into any of the Spyral stuff, which I loved, but was always a bit miffed that the Grayson team never got to tell that story. That whole part of her new history just seems to be swept further and further under the rug each moth, and I'd really like to see it revisited at some point.


  1. Seems to have lost the school teacher aspect of her back story as well. That was a fairly significant part of her pre-nu52 characterisation.

  2. Well, her history as a schoolteacher is now her time at St. Hadrian's, so it's being ignored along with the rest of her time with Spyral.

    If Nightwing ever crosses over, maybe they'll mention it then.

  3. Didn't the solicitation for this issue say that they were going to come face to face with the new Oracle?

    1. Solicits always lie. Always, from every company.

  4. I'm worried that they're going to go with "lapse Catholic" instead of "complicated, thorny Catholic," which would be a shame.