Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #4

Today in Batman, we get to see what happens when normal people band together and let their ugly out! Guess what, it doesn't go well... as can be seen throughout some other... recent news.

The Spoilers:

Blind as a Bat, Bruce has to use all his random ass gadgets and ingenuity to escape the Owl trap Two-Face set, safely with Duke. As they do and get back on the road, Bruce lets Duke in on the part of the childhood story that he had left out. Both he and Harvey had made a pact to kill their boogeymen. Harvey would kill Joe Chill, Bruce would kill Harvey's dad, the kind of shit kids say without knowing the actual depth of the shit they're saying. Nevertheless, things changed when Harvey's dad made a promise to be better. Bruce was mad, and saw through it... then there's some talk about seeing who people really are compared to what they can be. Super relevant to today, but I haven't got the time to go into it.

ANWYAYS, KG Beast ends up on their plane... did I mention they were in a plane? That doesn't go well, and they're woken up tied up, and faced with Beast, Penguin, Great White and Black Mask. The mobsters try to get the code for Two-Face's info, showing him a video left by Harvey about a tracer he had put in so he could always be found, and what not. Shit goes bad though when they are found by more people who want Two-Face dead. Still not being able to see fully, Bruce asks Duke who has come for them this time, but Duke is a little too shocked to answer, as it's a mob of regular citizens who with their secrets on the line, have had their fragile way of life threatened, so they've armed themselves and made some pretty fucking rash decisions. *cough.*

Back up has Duke confronting the lady, tying it back around with her using Two Face to contact Zsasz in order to get a rival of her out of the way by make it seem like the lady she wanted dead was her. Shit goes bad, Zsasz found her anyway, then found her again. Bruce handles it. Then more color symbolism which I haven't fully wrapped my head around, and today's not the day that I'm going to do that.

The Opinion: 

Another great issue. Art as fantastic as always. Super coincidental with the subject matter and what has happened in the world. Eerily so, to be honest. Kind of put me in a bad mood at the time of reading, but I'm just sort of done in general with this week, so there was that. I continue to really enjoy how different this has been from Snyder's other Batman work. Back-up is still going over my head a bit. Annnnnd I'm done writing about comics today. BYEEEE!

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