Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gotham Spoilers Plays: Batman Episode 4 - "Guardian of Gotham"

Ah, look at this with the quick turnaround, holiday included. Only one more episode to go after this one, and maybe that one won't crash on me mid play through, making me edit two cuts together!

Take a break, fix your shit, Telltale.

Here are the links to the second and third part as well.

 So my thoughts on this episode? A little bit of a let down. I was looking forward to what could be a shakeup in this series and have little Batman action, with it seemingly being set in Arkham Asylum. Given all the twists and changes to the Wayne mythology and how it revolves around Arkham, having Bruce be in there with his BFF the Joker for an extended period could have been interesting, but instead, you're out relatively early and easily and meet a Gotham that has gone through some changes that would have been more suited for a story where Bruce was locked up longer. I'm also a little lukewarm on the iteration of the Joker. Like the show Gotham, I don't really enjoy him and his obscure origin not being linked to Batman, or at least being contextualized by it. Sure, we don't know the story, but the fact that Bruce just wakes up in Arkham like "who is this guy?" rubs me the wrong way. If any character in this universe is going to be forever cosmically linked to Batman, it's Joker. He's the antithesis, he's the other side of the mirror. Having those two characters separate and their fates not intertwined is a botched way to play it out.

 Other than that, I didn't really think there was much of note. Not having "Lady Arkham" in here at all was weird, and Selina bounced out quickly, which I believe is a set up for a last minute save. I feel pretty alright with my "fuck Harvey" policy so far, because knowing how Telltale games work, I'm going to be there was no way Harvey wouldn't have become Two Face and be a problem. So, you know, fuck that guy. Punch him in the face. I have that same thought towards choosing to go home rather than stop Penguin from hacking my tech, either way, the end result is probably going to be pretty similar, and I'll get to it without my tech, I guess.

 Oh yeah, going back to the Joker thing, there's so much to wrap up in the final episode, I'm willing to bet that's a set up for a potential sequel if anything.

 Also, who thought there was going to be a scene with the kid where Batman asks his name and we get the ol' Duke Thomas first appearance in other media play?

 ::raises hand::

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