Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gotham Spoilers Plays: Batman Episode 3 - "New World Order"

Was trying to get this done yesterday, but something kept messing up the upload and then I had to finish off Mafia III as well as getting a few rounds of Titanfall 2 in... Well I didn't have to, but I wanted to.

ANYWAYS. Middle chapter, reveal of the big bad guy and... yeah, it's weird.

Here are the links to Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

So, my thoughts on the episode? It's a strange one. The bad guy reveal at the very end was just like... "Really?!" I think at the time I posted this clip on twitter as my reaction, and it still stands. I remember playing through it thinking "one of these people has to betray me." and that name crossed my mind at some point, because everyone from Alfred to Lucius did, but I thought "Nah, that's dumb." because quite honestly, they're all dumb. And sure, it's the only one that would make any physical sense... at at least you could at least try. But yeah... strange.

I'm in full on "Make Harvey Two-Face mode" and just egging him the fuck on. Was quite honestly surprised just how far into the minority in the "did you kick his ass or not" survey at the end. I mean, come on people, he's done! He's gone full on Two Face, no stopping that. I do like the duality I'm playing into, being two-faced myself knowing how fucked he is but not saying anything.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about the most... awkward part of the episode, at least for me... the sex scene. Batman and Catwoman fucking ain't nothing new. But I'm sitting here playing it well aware that I'm recording myself thinking "oh god, people are going to watch how I make Batman navigate sex with Catwoman. FUCK." There's some Freudian shit in there, I just know it. Normally in my own time I'd just go all in, not because I'm the typical stereotype of anti-social male gamer who can't look a woman in the eyes and gets his jollies by asking women to send n00dz in team chat or anything, but because I'm of a sound enough mind to realize this is a fucking video game, so whatever. Video games aren't real life and don't serve as good representations of how you should treat it, I know that... But the idea of people watching it just sunk into my head and I'm pretty sure you might be able to see some hesitation there in my choices. So yeah, that was an interesting experience. Glad I don't stream everything I play.

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