Sunday, October 30, 2016

Stack Rundown, 10/30/2016

See, I fucking knew there was going to be a big double digit books week coming up. Tried to be quick with it, as I got shit to do today!

Teen Titans #1

With Damian having no home in Gotham outside of a couple of panels throughout Nightwing, I was really banking on this to be good. Initially, wasn’t too optimistic given my past with Ben Percy’s work, but his new Green Arrow turned me, so I looked forward to this quite a bit… Turns out it was real good. Damian is just a fucking little shit, but with good reason. Snarky, has an attitude, and I loved it.

Deathstroke #5

Speaking of Damian being a little shit. HOLY CRAP. If you want an entire issue of Damian straight up roasting Deathstroke, this is it. Savage doesn’t even cut it. Damian goes right for the throat, in more ways than one, all while he’s in the process of an attempted drowning. I mean, the shit between Batman and Rose was good too, but Damian. Hot damn.

Wonder Woman #9

I’m definitely read to get back to the search for Themyscira story. The Cheetah stuff was good and it’s cool that she’s now a supporting character in the book, but the main plot which this book was sort of sold on seemed to have taken a back seat for awhile to handle the Barbra Ann stuff. Safe to say, this issue wastes little time getting back on track with that ending.

The Hellblazer #3

I’m close to bouncing on this book, and I knew this would happen. I’m in it for Swamp Thing, and at this point I’d rather just have a Swamp Thing book. The stuff with Constantine is just far less interesting to me. Sure, it tried to tie things back together, or at least suggest so, but I still remain more interested in the Swamp Thing plot than whatever longwinded shit is going on with Constantine.

Suicide Squad #5

This book has definitely gotten better in the wake of the first issue. This one wasn’t super action oriented and actually had some decent character interaction. The prospect of adding Zod to the team sure is insane, I’ll give it that credit… but still… the length, and the cheap final page endings. Ugh. Just let those rumors of Jim Lee wanting to relaunch LoSH be true so this book can be a proper length, already.

Action Comics #966

So Lois is going to take the place of Dead Lois and nobody told anyone that Lex Luthor is being held captive in Superwoman, or they can always go “well this takes place after.” I’m waining on this book. The way Superman titles go, I’m sure if anything important happens this one, it’ll be referenced in the other Superman title, or will be noteworthy enough to be discussed online.

The Flash #9

Wally meets Wally and then there’s some crazy Rebirth stuff. Hey, Jay Garrick is probably coming back at some point. Spoilers. I did like this issue for the fact that it once again brought up the missing time stuff. Sure, Flash(s) and Batman are the only one who know anything about it, but it’d be nice if more books caught on, to make it really feel like a slow burn build up, rather than two or three characters know, then when the shit hits the fan, it all goes crazy for everyone.

Titans #4

This title has been decent, but I’m just kinda bored with the villain. He’s a dick, sure, but he hasn’t got a whole lot of staying power in for me. I’m just over him at this point. Next issue I just want Wally to save everyone, and punch this guy in the face, then be done with him.

Batman Beyond #1

I definitely liked the colors in the last issue more… That said, I hadn’t even realized that the Rebirth issue was drawn by Ryan Sook. Fucking, whoops. I’m in this book for Terry McGinnis and for whatever Didio promised this book would be reflecting in the future, in terms of current day DCU, so…. I’ll give it a pass with Terry spending one issue as Batman then going “OKAY I’M GOING TO INFILTRATE THE JOEKRS AS A JOKER” which I just kind of groaned at. Ah well.

The Vision #12

Well this shit got real fucking dark. How does it all end? Well, Vision’s wife just fucking kills herself. She admits to her crimes (lies about some stuff) then just fucking takes some robot cynide and goodbye. Jesus christ. Oh, it doesn’t end there. How about the final pages with Vision singing “Row Your Boat” while seemingly trying to fix her skeletal robotic corpse. Creepy as all hell. Man, what a book.

Seven to Eternity #2

This book is just a visual treat from first page to last. Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth are just fucking killing it. If I was a writer, I’d be so jealous of Rick Remender and all the fantastic art teams he gets to work with, it’s nuts. As for the story, this is some real nice world building going on. I like the feeling of this weird sort of sci-fi mystical medieval vibe that’s been established. With characters and motivations still being established, it’s hard to try and figure where it’s all going, but it’s setting up a great foundation so far.

Chew #59

Not to be out “wife killing herself” darked by Vision, Chew comes in with Tony’s wife sacrificing herself, has a deep frying cannibal guy, and then Tony kills millions of people in order to save the world, including his own partner. DARK. SO DARK. I think this was the first Chew issue that I found nothing to laugh at… not even the shit Rob draws into the background. Just somber throughout. One more issue left.

Saga #37

I’m in this pattern where I just don’t have much to say about Saga anymore. It’s fucking Saga, and by that I mean it’s still really consistently great every issue. We get some life learning, as usual, and then some hints as to some shit going on in the background that’s probably going to be real bad which we’re not privy to yet. You know, the usual Saga shit. No Robots jerking off this issue, though. So not the usual Saga shit.

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