Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stack Rundown, 10/23/2016

Jesus, done before 10am. Only a handful of extra books to read this week, definitely enjoyed that fact. I'm sure I'll have some 15 book week soon at some point. I'll enjoy this while it lasts.

Trinity #2

So for whatever reason, I went to Francis Manapul’s twitter account after reading this, I hadn’t seen him post a lot about the series so just wanted to see if I had missed any insight on anything… boy had I. With this story being really intertwined with Superman, a new(ish) father, meeting his father again, it ties into Manapul who just had a kid of his own as well as his father just recently passing. He had this lengthy note about how this story was for him and not necessarily the audience. Looking back at it now, it makes my “I feel like they’ve done this Superman meets his father story before… a lot” initial thought seem petty. With solid reasoning behind the story, I have total respect for it being the creator’s emotional outlet like this… oh and people are pissed because they think Poison Ivy is evil again because this is the week everyone buys final page reveals at face value and completely ignores what a cliffhanger is, disregarding the fact that there might be more information to be presented.

Harley Quinn #6

Still not regretting ceasing to cover this book in full because I just don’t have a lot to say about it. Two things though: I am looking forward to next issue with Harley in a super hero fetish club, that should be fun. Second, with how much of a stand she took with the Joker last time in this book, it’s weird that they’re building up to yet another Joker story already. Also, don’t even believe for a second it will count as the first post-Rebirth Joker story… this book don’t give a fuuuuuuuck.

Superman #9

Was that the Watchmen octopus at the end? Was it the Watchmen octopus in #2? Sure! Why not!? Everything is Watchmen now! When all is said and done, I’d like to know just how many last page Watchmen shit happens across all the titles. Anyways, we get more New Frontier elements in here, more heartfelt Superman and Superboy stuff, and more Superboy learning about the world… all that with some probably-Watchmen shit at the end. Nice little issue. Bring on Damian… because it’s not like he’s fucking showing up in Batman any time soon.

Green Arrow #9

I don’t think this issue was all that great. It just got really random at some point. Wife went all evil to control this island with drug trade, husband wants to take it back, Green Arrow and Black Canary help him. Wife and Husband go at battle, turn page, wife and husband all “we tight again, after some loose grasping at straws, fuck you Green Arrow.” The end? Yeah, I think this issue was a bit of a logical swing and a miss.

The Dark Knight III #6

So… Batman dies again huh? For real this time, huh? Yeah, at this point, we’re going to have to run a fucking DNA test the second before he’s cremated for me to buy into that. I mean, Batman deserves it really. Beat an entire radicalized army of Kryptonian’s into submission… just let them go as the Kryptonite starts to wear off… First of wall, WHY ARE THEY LEAVING? The shit started to wear off, go “oh, we’ve got our powers again, uh oh for you!” second, why is Batman letting them go?! To lick their wounds and understand fear? Fuck off, have a laser through your heart for your troubles you idiot.

Hadrian's Wall #2

After the ending of the last issue where the detective’s painkillers are flushed down the sink, and this issue’s ending where a shadowy figure meets with the guy who hired him, yeah, seems like there is a conspiracy. Sure, easy choice for shadow figure is the ex-Wife, but that’s too easy… but maybe that’s what they want you to think! You know what this book is? Clue. It’s a game of Clue. That’s pretty alright, actually.

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