Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stack Rundown, 10/16/2016

Another real long week of write ups. I miss the days of the late New 52 when I thought 80% of it was shit and barely read anything. These posts were easy back then.

Deathstroke #4

Loved how Deathstroke and Batman’s relationship was described. Basically Deathstroke kind of likes Batman, has a whole bunch of respect for him and all that. The narration of everything going down when Deathstroke was out in hiding and Damian was doing recon was just so crazy. Putting down a list of every little detail that Slade used to make Damian effortlessly illustrated how great he is at what he does. Looking forward to this next issue.

Action Comics #965

So Lois goes undercover as Lois, to discover what happened to Lois, and no one notices that she’s not the now dead Lois from the New 52. Lois! Then Superwoman shows up and she would know a thing or two about it so she’s all “nuh-uh.” And that’s about it. I’ve said it before, I’m in this book for whatever fucking weirdness is going on in the Superman universe, because it’ll probably be important, but it is going at a snail's pace currently.

Wonder Woman #8

If we’re being perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything about pre-Cheetah Cheetah. Sure, I knew she was friends with Diana before her transformation, but that’s about it, so even though this was a fill-in of sorts, it came at a pretty opportune time and let me know more about a character I wasn’t familiar with. Plus, if Bilquis Evely is the artist taking over for Nicola Scott, then sign me up, she did some fantastic work… I really hope Romulo Fajardo Jr sticks around too, his colors are quickly becoming some of my favorites.

Supergirl #2

This book has been fun and enjoyable so far. Looking forward to seeing how poorly that new Kryptonian city goes, because that last page definietly made it seem… bad. Still think the art could be a little more defined in terms of linework. But hey, that’s just me.

Suicide Squad #4

This book has been better since the first issue which was just… bad. Harley’s turncoat nature is pretty funny, but that said, this book will never reach it’s potential as long as Jim Lee is still bogging it down. Jim Lee is great, but don’t put him on anything that needs to adhere to a schedule for christ’s sake. This issue was the “Oh look, there’s like four inkers on this issue, guess Scott Williams couldn’t get all the pages in time” and boy does the inconsistency show. This was the first time I’ve seen Trevor Scott ink Jim Lee and as soon as I got to those pages I immediately thought I was looking at Nicola Scott’s work. That’s how much inkers effect Lee’s work. So putting out an issue with 4 or more inkers is going to make things look really, really weird.

Superwoman #3

I wonder what the long term outlook for this book is, that’s probably what’s keeping me on board at the moment. You have all this personal shit going on with Lana, the lying, the drug she’s on and the fact that she’s apparently terminal with a extra side of terminal, and then you’ve got the fact that she’s also a super hero now. If anything, this is a prime example of a super hero comic that makes the star’s personal life even more interesting than the flying and the punching, and I think that’s pretty cool.

The Flash #8

I’ve enjoyed my time with this book so far, I don’t know what it is about Joshua Williamson’s writing, but it just flows nicely as one big story, it’s kind of hard to remember where the breaks from issue to issue are, same with Nailbiter. So Barry tells the bad guy that the guy he killed wasn’t the guy who killed his brother, messed up. Bad guy got secrets. Two Wally Wests now, they meet next time? Sure!

Sheriff of Babylon #11

With all said and done in this issue, it’ll be interesting to see what the fallout is in the finale next month. You’ve got the terrorist everyone was after apparently not being what he seemed and a rogue “POW” sound effect that didn’t exactly show where that bullet was headed towards. What I think is pretty interesting is that the “main” character of the book, has been sitting in a room for the last three issues, where Sofia and Nassir have been in the spotlight. Think that’s some pretty good undercutting of expectations.

Doom Patrol #2

This book is just so god damn strange, but really really charming. This issue laid it out a little more clearly that to even the normal Doom Patrol characters, some strange shit is happening to them and they don’t know what’s up. That allowed me to go “okay, so no one knows what’s happening to them, I guess it’s okay to be confused.” Also, the art is just fantastic. Derington and Bonvillain have teamed up to make one eye pleasing book, that’s for sure.

Glitterbomb #2

This sure is a weird one. Something about some cannibalistic murder demon possessing an out of work actress makes me think there’s probably some sorta commentary on the Hollywood system… NAH. That said, I think since the first issue came out I saw that the way this book would be released is four issues followed by a lengthy break. I guess the artist is young and in demand? Can’t hate, but I can see this arc wrapping up and if there’s a long period of time between this and the next arc, with how much I read, I could easily forget about it. Maybe that’s just a me thing, I don’t know.

Black Science #25

I’ve said it before, but the amount of times this book has gone into a complete transformation is fantastic. Started off as a dimensional hopping sci-fi drama and now we’re in the most fucked up of all suburban family life sort of deal. As much praise as I’ve given books like Deadly Class or Tokyo Ghost, this has been the 100% consistently great Rick Remender written rock. Love every single development like it was a drug, never stays still for too long, always makes you come back.

Kill or Be Killed #3

Random prediction: This dude kills his sorta girlfriend’s therapist at some point. This book man… it’s just a page turner. From the guilt this guy is feeling from killing someone, to how much he questions his own sanity, to the literal fucking demon making him do it, and then the vindication that happens later in the issue leading a new found sense of accomplishment (I guess?) man… just a lot going on in this book. So far it’s really shaping up to be my favorite of the Brubaker/Phillips Image books in recent years.

Reborn #1

Here I am, another Millar book with an artist whose work I really like on board. Last one I tried was Chrononauts, which I bounced right off of because it felt like nothing more than a movie pitch. This one with Greg Capullo is still a movie pitch, no shit, but it does feel a bit more comicy, so I’ll probably continue. It’s just cool to see Capullo draw some different stuff after five or so years of Batman. Seeing a bunch of crazy creatures and battle axes from Capullo suits him perfectly, and I’d gladly sign up for more… hmm.

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