Sunday, October 9, 2016

Stack Rundown, 10/09/2016

Couple of new Image books launched this week that may have been overshadowed by NYCC, but I enjoyed both of them. I'd particularly recommend Moonshine if you're a fan of the Azzarello/Risso team.

Midnighter and Apollo #1

Midnighter was a great book but didn’t sell very well. Regardless, I’m really glad DC let Steve Orlando continue his story with a new mini, which is perhaps the best way to put these less than stellar sellers, yet critically acclaimed books out. It’s more of the same, which is very good, except this time Apollo is along for the ride from the get go. It’s big, violent and gay, pretty much what you’d expect. It’s going to be interesting to see how the new Wildstorm books operate without these two, because those are apparently specifically not part of the DCU… maybe they just say fuck it and have their own versions.

Harley Quinn #5

Having to not offer a detailed opinion on this book’s plot makes it more enjoyable to read. For the past year or so, given this title’s generally unchanging nature, I struggled every time Wednesday rolled around and I had to figure out what the fuck to say about it this time. Harley has to invade a punk scene to take down a band of murderous robbers. A literal band. She gives herself a dumb haircut. I don’t know, it’s fun! But detailed thoughts I don’t feel the need to summarize.

Green Arrow #8

So okay… this was referred to as the sexiest issue of Green Arrow prior to release, and it is because half the book is just Ollie and Dinah fucking. Straight up. But I’m reading this like “okay, Ollie got stranded, he’s in a bad place… wait, Dinah is just here now? No expli—and they’re fucking.” It got a bit gratuitous to say the least. There was a little room for character stuff in there but yeah… I’m trying to remember if there was anything particularly notable about the bad guys… but Green Arrow and Black Canary fucking is pretty much the only thing I remember.

Superman #8

…I haven’t read New Frontier. That’s my big secret I’ll admit for the year. When I got into comics it was always one of those books that you *had* to read, but I was a kid and Jim Lee’s art was awesome and I didn’t get Darwyn Cooke’s appeal unfortunately. So I never got around it, and in my more appreciative years, I barely have time to read my pull every week. SO… I’m sure like half of what’s cool about this issue was lost on me. Maybe I should fix that.

Moonshine #1

I guess this is what you get for releasing a new title right before NYCC, you just don’t see anything about it. Shame, because this book was fucking cool. Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso reunite to bring us Boardwalk Empire meets bumfuck West Virginia meets werewolves? It’s real cool, and considering I was a big fan of Boardwalk Empire and immediately recognized one of the (real) characters from that show, I drew me in to where I imagined at some point  Steve Buscemi saying “fucking werewolves?” down the line. So yeah, if 1920s bootlegging meets hillbilly werewolves does anything for you, check it out, loved this first issue.

Paper Girls #10

At this point I’m just expecting this to be some big story about how Apple has turned into some weird cyber satan future cult that stemmed out of 2016 being a shitty year of history. I don’t got much to go on with that theory, but hey, you try and explain the insanity that is this book any better than that. So KJ didn’t leave the note saying to not trust other Erin… Big fucking demon with Apple logo on a hill side. Old people! I’m just waiting for Steve Jobs’ floating head at this point.

Romulus #1

I used to read the Top Cow Witchblade/Darkness universe a lot until Top Cow fucked it all up and then just stopped. Nelson Blake II was one of those artists who’d pop in every now and then and I’d always really enjoy his work. So now that there’s a big release with him that isn’t tied to some corner of the Top Cow universe I stopped caring about, I sure as hell will pick it up. We got an ancient cult who follows Romulus that rules the world. Their agents, who consist of mothers and daughters that are real good at killing, begin to question things, so they’re taken out. Now there’s one bad ass lady left and she needs to save 5 billion people. It was fun, really quick paced but engaging.

Revival #43

I’ll have to go back and look through the old issues, but if I’m right, the big reveal as to why Lester killed Martha and all that leads up to it may be a bit disappointing. I’m not exactly sure, but it seems as if all the threads Dana talks about, or at least the big ones that would be clues seems to be things she was made aware of but not the reader. Other then Lester always having seemingly random scenes with him and death/glowing men, I think it would be hard if not impossible to find the intended line from point A to murderer here without everything spelled out in that two page spread this issue. Like I said, gotta check. Still great, really looking forward to the finale, I’ll give it that.

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