Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stack Rundown, 10/02/2016

Big week of DC books. Rebirth sure is a thing that I'm reading... a lot.

Teen Titans: Rebirth #1

I’ve stated my pre and post Rebirth thoughts on Percy more than enough times for everyone to know this was a book I was highly looking forward to just to see how it turns out and… Well, it was a true #0 issue style book. There’s not a lot to go on here due to the issue focusing on introducing the cast and that’s just about it. We get some off panel remarks from Damian and then a final page reveal, but past that, like I said, just not a whole lot to go off of. Didn’t see any red flags, I’ll say that much. Also, Jonboy Meyers art is fantastic and really fitting of the team.

Action Comics #964

So, with the way that New 52 Superman and Lois went, how long until this human Clark Kent goes too? There just seems to be a reason for all the New 52 versions of characters getting offed like that and it probably has something to do with the Watchmen shit going on. And now we’ve got what looks to be Apokolips not far behind. Shit’s weird, that’s why I’m reading it.

Deathstroke #3

This book, man… While the narrative might lose me if I’m not paying enough attention to the order of things, it’s still so fucking good. Slade finds Rose and BOY, maybe you’d think “He was a dick to his sons, perhaps a daughter is different.” NOPE. Just a complete fucking dick, and the messed up part is that it’s kind of hilarious. The Nightwing burn after Rose said she was trained by him (continuity is nice)? Straight fire! If you told me that Deathstroke would be the Rebirth book that had me laughing the most, I would have told you that you were crazy.

The Flash #7

Bad guy wants to kill other bad guys, what else is new? I was still right about August, sort of, so I’ll take that as a win. Also, it seems my initial problem of “there’s already a shit ton of speedsters, do we really need to pay attention to all these new ones?” took care of itself pretty easily, and without leaving too many bodies, so hooray?

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

I’ll take “Rebirth Books I wasn’t Planning on Reading” for 800, Alex. But seriously. After the more positive than I expected reception I had to most Rebirth stuff, I figured why not. I’m not opposed to Batman Beyond being in continuity, I’m opposed to stupid Futures End Tim Drake bullshit Batman Beyond, which seems to be 100% dropped with Terry McGinnis being back now? Sure! Came off as a good mix of standard Batman Beyond stuff mixed with DC continuity. I’ll be curious to see how they continue to play it.

Titans #3

Maybe if Roy didn’t have such dumb glasses he could have a bit more confidence to tell Donna how he really feels. Jokes aside, that’s the weird thing about this book… The DCU just got a good chunk of it’s continuity back, and all the sudden Roy loves Donna… because if any of the last six years have taught us anything, Roy’s got to love a teammate… Well… I guess it was just the Starfire thing for awhile. I don’t know, it just feels rushed. Other than that, not too big on Abra Kadabra or whatever his name is, doesn’t seem too interesting, but hey, Watchmen stuff!

Wonder Woman #7

With Cheetah becoming Barbra Ann again, I guess it does make sense that this next issue is a one-off story about her rather than a Nicola Scott Year One issue. If we’re going to do fill in like that, I really appreciate it being thought out and timed properly. Did kind of find it ironic that this being the week where Wonder Woman was officially named bi and a bunch of people asking her to have a female love interest was also the week where she had a super swoony moment with Steve Trevor. Speaking of which, don’t think I didn’t notice the reversal of the damsel in distress trope with Trevor. It was done smartly too. Trevor may have been in a dire situation and physically helpless, but he didn’t come off as just a trapped plot point, as he still had plenty of attitude to give despite his situation.

The Hellblazer #2

Look, I like Swamp Thing, but what is it that I’m not getting about him basically being LL Cool Swamp? Dude’s looking for his lost love and this other young pretty lady falls in love with the swamp monster? or at least seems too… that opening scene looked intentionally romantic. I mean… maybe it’s the joke because why in god’s earth, just in general, would there be any other reason? Anyways, the split between John and Swamp Thing’s story seems to be weird. Swamp’s is more defined yet John’s is still building to something that I’m not sure of yet. Sure there was a little connection offered between the two, but I’m still not quite sure what’s going on.

Suicide Squad #3

Two issues better than the first, I’ll give it that. While Jim lee’s art is good, his inability to do a full issue keeps killing it for me. These last two issues I’ll have gotten into the flow of things then the ending just comes abruptly with a loud fart noise. Then Lee’s on Twitter making some hashtag about double shipping… Now I don’t troll or shitpost, but good god was I tempted when I saw that. Not sure about this Hack character. I opened up this issue and had to ask myself who the fuck was shit and why is she obsessed with Harley Quinn? Then I went “never mind, she’ll probably get killed, oh no wait, she’s a pet character now and a character fans do like just got obliterated, she’s probably terrible.” and now I’ll probably say she’s terrible every two weeks.

Saga #38

God fucking damnit, Saga… The book just came back and we’re already killing off characters who have been here since near the beginning? And the one who was already dead, no less! What the fuck!? …damnit, who’s going to be snarky as all hell now? …you know, besides everyone written by BKV. Still. That sucks.

Deadly Class #22

Having killed off literally 80 to 90% of the first 21 issues’ cast, we’re back to a new school year in Deadly Class with a new bunch of terrible children and it will totally go better this time. The one remaining character (not in an antagonist role) is Saya, who ended up killing Marcus, the kid she brought into the school and now with all her friends dead she’s starting the second year off on a down note. Hard to say where she’s going in this new iteration of the book, but I’m looking forward to it because ever since the promo art for this book, she was the character I gravitated towards just because of how fucking cool she looked… but we never got a whole lot of her history until now (I’ll assume).

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