Thursday, October 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #3

I guess we're doing this for real. Turns out this book is pretty good despite every preconceived notion I had of Scott Lobdell's previous Red Hood work (mostly the mid to later stuff) and the idea of him continuing on. Going to use this post as a real quick up to date on the entire series thing.

The Spoilers:

So this volume of Red Hood is basically Grayson. Jason Todd pretends to go bad again as Red Hood, so he can get closer to the criminal underworld the way Batman can't. Still allies, but not in public. I guess that's the idea. 

Jason grabs the attention of Black Mask, who is looking for a real good #2. Starts working for Sionis, eventually does security detail or something. Here comes Artemis who attacks a transport train because she believes it contains the Bow of Ra. Comes to blows with Jason, he puts on a show but doesn't really want to fight her. They come to find Black Mask has a Superman clone.

(Present issue)

Both Jason and Artemis get knocked out by gas and Jason wakes up in a suite, Artemis imprisoned (she's going along with it as she could break out anytime she wants). Jason watches as the Superman clone is awakened and it turns into Bizzaro. Black Mask tries to brainwash the thing by forcing him to watch Superman stuff, Jason tries to play nice with him, seeing some similarities in how Bizzaro was born and how he was resurrected. Bizzaro gains some self-awareness and states that he is not Superman, but instead, Bizzaro... we'll get to that.

The Opinion: 

So like I said, better than expected. Jason is back to basics in a way, and it's not him and Batman hugging all the god damn time for tumblr likes. Artemis is shown to be a badass and her adversarial relationship with Jason is pretty entertaining. Bizzaro is clearly new to this issue. Not sure of the way he speaks, isn't he supposed to speak in opposites? So saying "Me am Bizzaro" means he's not? I'm not sure. Maybe it's just streamlined this time around.

Overall it's... a good book so far. I'll eat my vegetables with that one. As of now, I was wrong about Lobdell continuing on, he's done well so far, hopefully it keeps up. Dexter Soy's art is pretty standout too. He's always been a guy who pops up here and there on digital first series or fill-in, but here he's been giving a spot to shine and it's a really solid looking book.

The one thing in general that I haven't liked about these two issues is that I've lost my suspension of disbelief when it comes to Jason and Black Mask. Jason's done a shit job of pretending to be a bad guy and is like being all nice to Bizzaro, while Black Mask is "you've got some unorthodox methods kid!" There just hasn't been a lot of Jason having to skirt that moral line for the sake of his undercover mission. I'd like to see more of that.

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