Wednesday, October 19, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #7

Considering there was just some controversy with Peter David and some comments made about Romani heritage, and this seems to be going deep into Dick's, the timing can't be coincidental! We're all a bunch of jabroni marks who worked ourselves into a shoot, brother!

The Spoilers: 

Dick's accompanying his buddy Tiger with Spyral takedowns of the Parliament of Owls, but Kobra is lethally beating them to the punch and it is then Raptor's backdoor in the list of names is discovered, so Dick goes to find Raptor and well it doesn't go well.

Before Dick lays drugged on the floor, a fight between the two men break out and Dick holds back being that he knows Raptor knows something about him and his mother... well he knows a lot, as there's some Pepe Silvia board in Raptor's home connecting Dick's life together. After some taunts about Dick losing himself and his heritage, etc, he's on the ground drugged, like I said.

Flash forward a bit and Bruce is giving a press conference annnnnd now he's being kidnapped by Raptor, unable to fight back properly at risk of exposing himself of being more than playboy Bruce Wayne. 

Damian's calls wake Dick up, and even though Robin is ready to go kick some ass, Dick finds something on Raptor's desk that leads him to telling Damian to stand down. Raptor seems to have an old photo from a circus, not Haly's says some Romani name in the background, of Dick's mother Mary and another performer who looks to be Raptor. 

The Opinion:

All this was cool but the one nagging feeling I got throughout was about how much the previous volume dealt with the secret history of the circus. But that said, and based on what I've read, Dick's heritage will be coming into play somehow, and I'm not quite sure we've ever really gotten a lot of that. Other than that, I love the sense of how everything built to this. Though I was disappointed that the Owls were pretty much a non-factor other than a lofty plot device, the real pay off of that story is certainly going to be told here. 

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