Wednesday, October 5, 2016

SPOILERS: Night of the Monster Men, Pt. 4 & 5

Parts 4 & 5 of the crossover hit and hey, remember how Strange is in this? Remember that one real big Strange story? Sort of Rebirthing that one.

The Spoilers (Batman #8):

Nightwing and Gotham Girl are compromised, as in, they're giant monsters now (well, less giant) so the Bats scramble to deal with their individual situations and now there's that to deal with. 

First things first, Batman deals with the multihead monster with electricity or something while Cass and Steph initiate their plan to burn off the fungus in their cave. Short story on that: It works... only the monster forms up into one giant entity and moves towards Gotham. 

Despite being told not to, Duke leaves the cave with what he and Alfred believes to be a reverse engineering of Strange's monster venom, and Batman uses Clayface as a suit to go one on one with Gotham Girl while Batwoman deals with Nightwing. 

Duke eventually shows up, gets Gotham Girl injected, she's fine, but they still got to deal with an airborne monster Nightwing.

I mean, again, long story short, they fix Nightwing. It's in the preview. He wants to continue his tracking of Strange, and enlists Spoiler to help while the last remaining monster guns for them. Spoiler finds some session footage of all the 4 would be cadavers turned monster and Dick notices something in the dialogue Strange has with his patients: He talks to them about childhood, being manipulative, grief and anger. Strikes a chord with Dick. 

Apparently Bruce put giant electrical pulses in some of Gotham's highest towers following the Darkseid War? I don't know, they zap that other monster. Dick tells Bruce what he found, he believes that this entire event is basically Strange's diagnosis of Batman and he wants to be found. While Strange is waiting for Batman to find him, all while dressing up in his finest Batman cosplay, the remains of the four monsters have bonded together to make an even bigger monster! 

The Opinion: 

First thing's first, still really like this story. Love how crazy it is and how quickly it has been told. Great character interactions, good moments for each hero. I am a bit confused with Strange though. So we got Rebirth, right? Fucking Starfire is over in Teen Titans talking about how Dick's been off since Tim died or something. Continuity! Sorta just bringing everything back... but that said, it feels like Batman and Strange have had near zero interaction the way it's being portrayed here. The Strange dresses up like Batman because he's obsessed with diagnosing him thing is a retread of what happened prior to the New 52, so it indicates that it hasn't yet happened here? Which would mean Strange and Batman's relationship isn't that well developed? But Strange had to have appeared in The New 52? He did actually! Because there was that short lived story with his son in Tony Daniel's Detective Comics. I don't know, it's all a bit hazy, but that's honestly the only fault I've had with the story thus far. 

Also, the presumptuous comment made by Batomwan towards Dick (and Gotham Girl) when they were monsters along the lines of "I've been cleaning up the Bat-Family, where've you been?" sorta rubbed me the wrong way... like Batwoman is a badass and I can see her talking down to pretty much every other character in Gotham, but the one character that I just can't see her pulling rank on is Dick fucking Grayson. C'mon now. 


  1. Some time ago in Tom King's book, Batman said he'd never heard of the Monster Men, but man, Strange is all over the place now. We know he at least DOES have history with Batman (?) but he's also been Roy Harper's therapist, a self-help guru and a guidance counselor at Gotham Academy. lol

  2. Agreed on the last point. Getting sick of the lack of respect for Nightwing's position in the bat-family, particularly in the recent animated films. That was one of the things I loved about Grayson- they really made him into a leader and Bat's top confidant.


  3. Eh, I took that Batwoman quip as just that, a quip (and a charmingly bad one to boot). She does that from time to time.