Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #942

You know that preview where it looks like the Bat kids are going full on Power Rangers? Well I am very disappointed. 

The Spoilers:

Long story short to wrap up this crossover: The four towers do not turn into a giant Bat mech, because the world is awful, and instead just shoot lasers and tethers at the monster. Nightwing figures something about the fifth emotion and Strange: ego, then jumps in the monster's gut and eventually fixes everything!

Meanwhile, Batman meets Strange (for the first time?) and it's the typical Dr. Strange stuff. He doesn't care who is under the cowl and he's got some weird fetish for wanting to be Batman because of psychology! This time around the Bat suit he's wearing is a suicide suit, which will kill him if he takes a single blow. Solution: Use Clayface to cut off the air supply to the building and just wait him out because Batman doesn't need to breath (much).

Justice League helps clean up, Nightwing explains his reasoning (kind of went over my head) and then Bruce and Kate talk about the venom coming from Santa Prisca and how the government has quarantined the monster and it's blood. HEY! Did you hear about the next Batman arc and the new Batwoman book? SET UP!

The Opinion:

I really enjoyed this story, but god damn it am I disappointed there wasn't a giant Bat-Mech to fight the monster. Other than that, the finale was fine. Like I said, Dick's reasoning and what he did came off as pretty flimsy to me, but whatever. Then we had the Batman/Strange stuff and as soon as I realized last issue that this was probably the first time those two have met in this continuity and they're pretty much doing the Strange fetishizing Batman thing again, the confrontation this issue played out more or less how you'd expect so it was a little anticlimactic. Great, fun story, could have wrapped up in a more interesting manner.


  1. Yeah, the lack of a Batman Megazord was a bummer, but no real complaints otherwise. lol

  2. I'm torn about the lack of megazord. On one hand it would have made a great fight scene and would be great over the top fun. On the other hand I would have that nagging thought in the back of my head asking "how did batman build 4 giant robot buildings with absolutely ZERO people knowing about it including the construction workers"

  3. So the Justice League could help clean up but not fight the monsters. lol.

  4. what did dick do inside the monster ?