Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #3

Huntress does what Huntress does and turns out Batgirl doesn't like that, but turns out she plays favorites in her convictions, sooooooo drama!

The Spoilers:

Flash back scene throughout the issue features Dinah running away from abusive foster care, to joining a dojo, to finally learning to control her emotional pain (while gaining her powers). There's some heavy family stuff in here, so there's the relevance. 

In the present, with the help of Frankie, Babs and the team decrypt a file they've gotten from Oracle, which leads them to believe that Fenice is aiming to take out a family at a restaurant. Turns out it was a set up as the Birds show up, but no snakes, as they're laying in wait at the safe house.

Birds get back to the safe house just in time, but the snakes get away with the guy they were protecting, but Huntress ends up taking a snake down lethally, so tit for tat. This of course angers Batgirl, so Huntress basically goes "fuck you, bye, that cop would have died by the way." Turns out Huntress saved Gordon. 

Babs regrets her decisions, she and Dinah try to get Helena to stay, doesn't work. Turns out that guy whose name I can't remember is still alive, and Fenice is a former lover of his who he thought dead. Go figure.

The Opinion:

I am really enjoying this book, as previously mentioned. If we're not able to get the old Birds of Prey that had been established, then of course we have to have them rebuilt and I think the Bensons are doing a great job of that so far. We get the family aspects of both Dinah and Babs, which translate to the family of the team but clearly Helena isn't there yet, and why should she be? It's being built up thoughtfully and I enjoy that.

Art had some fill in this time around, but it was done in a better sense where Roge Antonio drew the flashback scenes, while Claire Roe handled the present day stuff. If there's going to be fill in, I much rather have that. I wonder though if that flash back was originally planned or not. Reading it, sort seemed out of place until later, and then there was a part in the main story where I wasn't sure if there was a page missing from comixology, may have been cut for fill in, or the art just didn't depict the scene in question well (snake lady reacting to Huntress punching her, though we never see Huntress burst in the room). Regardless, all the art looked good and I'm happy.

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