Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Batwoman Series Coming in 2017

DC announcing actual ongoing series at a major convention? Rebirth is the best!

After her prominent role in Detective Comics, Batwoman will be getting a new ongoing series in early 2017. The main series will be written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Steve Epting (holy shit). The story will be spinning out of Detective Comics as Batwoman finds out the venom Hugo Strange used in the current Night of the Monster Men storyline is being sold. Speaking of Detective Comics, writer James Tynion will help launch the series with a two-part arc in Detective called "Batwoman Begins," co-written by Bennett in January. February will see the Batwoman: Rebirth one-shot which will also be co-written by the two writers, followed by the main series launch in March, which Tynion will also co-write for the first arc.

Cool news. Steve Epting is a big pull, though with the schedule on Velvet, I'm kind of concerned with how many issues he may actually be able to do. I've had issues with Bennett's writing in the past, from what little I've read, but if I remember correctly is was along the lines of repetition in the dialogue nothing like me disliking a story or anything. Overall, cool news. Detective got me excited for the character again, so naturally, I'm pretty happy about her getting a new ongoing.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


  1. They better NOT take Kate off Detective Comics!

  2. It's Batwoman on global black-ops missions, with a noirish aesthetic. That sounds amazing.

  3. Awesome! This just shows you how much DC is willing to go with female and gay characters.

    1. Also, I like the writer and artist. Might get a trade of it when it comes out eventually.

  4. No worries gothamspoilers Velvet is over for now so Epting has an opening to do this.