Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gotham Spoilers Plays: Batman Episode 2 - "Children of Arkham"

So I'm back!? I had recorded this video and previous thought my el Gato fucked up and didn't register my clicking of the record button, so I pretty much through this dream was lost. A couple days ago I was going through my hard drive and saw what turned out to be the raw footage, right there in complete. So, sorry for the delay, but here's the second episode. I'll play the third sometime this weekend and look to get that up next week.

Here's the links for Part 2 and Part 3, along with the full playlist.

Forgive me, but considering I played this a little over a month ago, my immediate thoughts that I had on the episode aren't entirely fresh in my mind, but nevertheless, I have a few things:

I think the twist of "no, the Waynes were pretty shitty people and Bruce had no idea because why wouldn't a child think their parents were anything but saints?" It's one of those things that I feel like has to have been done before, but I can't recall off the top of my head, so it feels fresh.

In terms of the final choice between saving Catwoman and Harvey, I clearly chose Catwoman because I like her character more. On top of that, it was clearly where Harvey becomes Two-Face, and 1. Who am I to stop fate? 2. I feel like that'd make the later episodes much more interesting. When I was uploading these I went up to look at the opposite ending and I feel safe that I made the right choice. If I saved Harvey, he wouldn't have become Two Face and Catwoman would get shot in the shoulder and run away, pissed. Maybe Harvey would become Two-Face some point later, but who knows, I still would rather him be Two Face now and have Catwoman be besties with me still.


  1. Isn't "Bruce's parents might have been shitty people" the backdrop of the first bit of Morrison's Batman run?