Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stack Rundown, 09/25/2016

There will never be a lack of Rick Remender written Image books for me to enjoy, and I'm pretty damn happy about that... there are other books too, I guess.

Trinity #1

Somewhat skeptical of the writing going into this given how I through Manapul and Buccellato’s Detective Comics run was super bland, but if anything I knew the art was going to be great, which it absolutely was. Came away from the issue happy. It’s cool to see these three characters interacting as civilians. That said, I’m pretty sure every book Superman is in is running the same “this isn’t our Superman” angle. I’m getting tired of that at this point. Just let him be Superman without all the skepticism and come get me when the Watchmen shit or whatever is happening in the background, goes down.

Green Arrow #7

This one wraps up the two-parter with Emiko, makes Shado out to not be the worst mother of all. Art was great, had a good fight scene or two, Emiko is an alright character. Hopefully Percy’s complete 180 (in my opinion) carries over to Damian later this week.

Superman #7

Oddly enough, we also had Superman this week doing the civilian story. Clark and family go to a fair, good times are had and despite promising his wife he wouldn’t Superman does Superman things, only dressed as a viking and it was off page. It was an enjoyable issue, good for a between arc sort of thing. I LOVE Jorge Jimenez’s art at this point. Hope he’s still the intended artist for Super Sons (and I hope it’s from a writer I like).

The Wicked + The Divine: 1831 #1

Random one-shot! Given the concept of this series, I think it’s cool to see different iterations of the same characters we’re following in the main story. Made me think if they could keep this going with endless spinoffs of the same characters through time, but I’d guess that’d get old after awhile. Plus, the modern spin on the current roster of characters is probably a big part of the charm. Curious to see if the character that “gets away” will come into play in the current day.

Seven to Eternity #1

As one Rick Remender book comes to an end, the next rises from the ashes, it’s almost as if it is a prophecy. Jerome Opena joining Rick Remender on his creator owned post-Marvel kick was only a matter of time, and boy was it worth the wait, because god damn the art is amazing. We’re also getting a different genre too, this time it’s super fantasy driven, but with a sort of modern, typically cynical Remender twist. but yeah, starts off as most Remender books do, immediately impresses with the art, dire circumstances are introduced, people die, and so on. I’m hooked immediately. Now the only artist left on my “artists Rick Remender will obviously make a creator owned book with” is Daniel Acuna… Late 2017, I’m guessing!

Chew #58

Was not expecting to open up the next issue of Chew to find Tony having told Amelia that he 1. needs to eat her to save the world and 2. isn’t going to do it. I was quite honestly expecting a bit of agonizing over the prospect for a bit with a completely fucked up issue #59. Though, the ending of this issue doesn’t particularly bode well, so we’ll have to see. With just two issues left in this series, I’m not sure where it’s going and I like that… just keep me guessing to the end.

Vision #11

Hey, you know that family book that got super grim at times? Well now it’s gone off the deep end, Vision is out to kill his brother and just lays waste to the Avengers. Pretty badass fight and mixed with the Ultron story in the narration, Vision really comes across as fucking over powered and an inherently creepy/dark character. Sad to see this go, but as far as this being probably the last Marvel book I read in a long time, at least it’s going out guns blazing.

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