Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stack Rundown, 09/18/2016

Comics! Some are weird, some got better, and some leave me questioning reality because god help me, I really like them and everything in the past has told me that I shouldn't, for good reason.

Doom Patrol #1

I had no intention of reading this book up until like two weeks ago. Never been Doom Patrol fan, never had the time to allow myself to really get into it. But whatever, seemed like people would be talking about this, I’m interested in another Young Animal book, might as well see what the label could be about. BOY WAS THIS WEIRD. I guess that’s the whole point… Doom Patrol skews weird. It was weird in an entertaining “I vaguely know who some of these characters are.” I think I described it on twitter as if Grant Morrison was in charge of a Saturday morning cartoon. That kind of weird. Will definitely keep on reading.

Action Comics #963

At this point, the first arc hammered home the “There’s this other Clark Kent” thing so much, that the fact they’re beginning another arc with it as to say “okay NOW we’re going to drip out reveals slowly” is kind of tiresome to think about. That said, I fucking want to know what’s going on. If it’s dumb, I can just go “oh, whatever.” and be done… but what if it’s crazy?! At least info drips out slowly every two weeks instead of 4.

Suicide Squad #2

So this issue was much improved from the last, but still kneecapped by the fact that it feels incredibly short due to the stupidity that is putting Jim Lee on a double shipping book… The man made jokes about it as if it would be fine! NO! Anyways. Team actually interacted with each other rather than just spitting out one-liners that had nothing to do with anything or anyone else. Shit actually happened that seemed important other than bland action scene. They fucking killed Captain Boomerang. That sort of circumvents the recent problem of “All these characters are popular, no one is going to get killed” that the book has had for a couple years now. I mean, they aren’t killing Harley Quinn anytime soon, but still. Boomerang is big(ish?). Now let’s just hope they don’t go offing characters everyone likes just to prove they can.

The Flash #6

I was right! Sort of! I thought August was going to go on and eventually become the bad guy, but he totally already was! I win sorta! In hindsight, kind of shocking how I didn’t make that connection by just guessing. Seems sort of obvious now. Ah well… The fridging bit is weird, because it totally starts off with “my girlfriend is dead, ANGST!” but then quickly moves to “there was no body, speedforce wackyness” and then you go “oh… eeeeh.” I mean… not like the character made that much of an impression in an issue or two, but it’s still sort of cliched.. but if they’re pulling the speed force nonsense… eeeew.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2

I don’t know what is fucking happening anymore. I railed, RAILED against Lobdell continuing to write Red Hood, because it’s Rebirth, what better time to give characters a fresh slate? But no, continue with the same old same old after years of… well, I’m not going to be that mean considering I kind of really like this book. It’s good! I even questioned whether or not I should start covering it on the site or not! Jason and Artemis’ fight and banter during it was really entertaining! The art is great too… man, what has happened.

Deathstroke #2

This is one of those books that I really need to pay attention to. It’s smarter than you’d expect, that’s for sure. The narrative has an order of things that doesn’t adhere strictly to point a to point b, it’s not exactly going to make every nuanced thing that is happening blatantly obvious and ultimately, if you’re not paying attention it can become confusing and overwhelming. That said, if you give the book the attention you need, it’s badass, entertaining and funny… also, here begins the story where Batman and Deathstroke switch kids for some reason, so you know… I want to read that.

Wonder Woman #6

I love how fresh off the island Diana is being portrayed. Usually it’s just “HEY WORLD OF MAN, I AM DIANA, WHAT’S UP?!” Not here though. In this story, she’s straight up foreign to the world. She can’t communicate with anyone. She doesn’t understand them as much as they don’t understand her. I don’t know if it’s a completely new take on her origin, because lord knows this story has been told a lot of times and I haven’t read all of them, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve read a take like this, and it’s pretty cool. Also, that art.

Superwoman #2

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to pick up this book. My reaction to the last one can pretty much be summed up as “Oh… Lana Lang?” then make a scrunchy “not sure” face. That said, I still had a bunch of iTunes credit left for the app store and figured why not. I’ll give this book a couple things that are making me stick around: 1. It’s dense, in both art and story. Phil Jimenez packs each page with lots of panels and lots of speaking, but the dialogue bubbles never become overwhelming with extraneous dialogue like Harley Quinn sometimes does. 2. The pill-popping anxiety angel is something you don’t see in mainstream super hero comics that much. Usually heroes are 100% confident all the time, that’s sort of the point. Humanizing Lana with some serious “flaws” is a take I can get behind. And it’s following up on a Justice League (the Johns one) thread that got left dangling, so there’s that.

Black Science #24

Here we are with Rick Remender changing up everything again in his stories. Grant and Pia make it home and boy do things go sideways. When I originally flipped through the book, I thought the Kadir we saw was an alternate Kadir or something, but no, then it hit me, totally the guy who was stabbed and left for dead. Then we get the real bad guy who has appeared throughout the series but never really been highlighted that much, and he’s blackmailing Kadir and now Pia into staying silent and keeping with a narrative that Grant murdered a bunch of people and kidnapped Kadir and his children. Boy did this just get fun.

Hadrian's Wall #1

And here’s the follow up book from the C.O.W.L. creative team. I loved C.O.W.L. so naturally I’d pick this one up. Feels pretty similar in style and tone. Rod Reis’ art is great and the character interactions have a certain edge to them. Basic story is: Guy is down on his luck, painkiller popping investigator, gets sent to space to investigate the death of a guy who shot him and married his ex wife. Awkwardness ensues! Basically, space murder CSI. Pretty good start, curious to see where it goes.


  1. My theory about The Flash is that Godspeed is lying about being so fast he can be in two places at once, and Barry's girlfriend is actually the second Godspeed. That'd be more of a different spin on things considering how obvious it was that the other cop was either Godspeed or would eventually be at odds with Barry.

  2. Flash's girlfriend is in the Speed Force. Barry referenced the similarity to his own fate in Crisis on Infinite Earths. At some point they'll figure out how to pull her out.

    Agreed about WW. Perez's version is sort of like this but Rucka is playing up the confusion much more. His Diana plays like a scared child until she gets her powers. Perez's version was naive but closer to fully-formed when she arrived in the US.