Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stack Rundown, 09/11/2016

There are good things about sleeping 12 hours straight, and then there are the bad "where the hell did the day go?" things that come with doing stuff like that. Once again, I had a shit ton of comics to read left on a Sunday. Image needs to spread out the titles I like so they're not all loaded on one week, thank you very much.

Green Arrow #6

WOO! Little tiny arc between bigger arcs. Using new Clock King while the old one gets killed in Deathstroke. Editors not communicating, Rebirth is done! Failed! Boo! Well… not so much, but I did find that funny. ANYWAYS. So, this issue was all about Emiko Queen, rather than her brother. I liked it. Told a good story about a headstrong apprentice… which made me happy to see given that Ben Percy will be the lead writer on Damian Wayne in Teen Titans. Although Percy has redeemed himself in the world of Green Arrow to me, I’m still very cautious of anyone writing Damian until proven with that character, since, as it’s well documented here, he’s pretty much my favorite.

Justice League #4

Everything I’ve said about this book before remains true to this issue. Generic, nonsensical, uninteresting, disconnected, and not embracing anything that has made Rebirth great. Thank god for Steve Orlando being announced as the writer of Justice League of America, lets at least hope some of these characters end up in there.

Supergirl #1

This book is somewhat hard to get a read on. They’re treating it as if Supergirl has only been on earth for a couple of months, where as other books have treated the New 52 as having years past within them. I mean, they’ve got the opportunity to do whatever they want, so might as well. Orlando has a specific way how he wants to show Kara, and that is a teenage girl who feels out of place x 100. Like the one shot, it was a good start. The art seemed kind of messy though, real evident in panels where there were fine details in the background, which really weren’t that fine. I like Ching’s style, I’d just like to see the linework be a bit more refined.

Superman #6

Hey, Superman’s son is now Superboy. Who saw that coming? Nothing much to go by on this one. There seems to be some confusion of the old Superman’s coming out party. This book makes it seem like this was his first public apperence and then the world accepted him, but sort of the same shit is happening in Action Comics with the Doomsday story… Actually, when you think about it, both stories sort of told the same core story. I thought Superman was better on an emotional/character standpoint, where Action was super punchy, because I mean… Doomsday. But Action does have that “WTF is going on” Rebirth stuff.

Sheriff of Babylon #10

This book is the best book that is like 80% tense conversations. You always get the sense that some shit is going to go down as soon as you turn the page, and that was turned up to 11 this time around, given that it was mostly a real tense conversation between Sofia and the antagonist wrapped in a suicide vest. If anything, this issue just confirmed that Sofia is a total fucking badass. When she takes over the conversation with Abu, she fucking takes it over. So interested in seeing what the endgame of this book is now.

Skybourne #1

I really like Frank Cho’s art. I think those “outrage” covers have beaten the dead horse into a fine paste at this point, but I still like the dude’s art, so that’s why I’m picking it up. Turns out art’s real good! I had no idea what this story was before, best I can see, children of Lazarus want excalibur, violence happens. Found the dialogue to be a little try hard when characters were trying to insult each other, but other than that, fun action packed issue, will see where the second issue goes before I decide to stick around or not.

Glitterbomb #1

Jim Zub has been a writer I’ve always been aware about (especially given the Birds of Prey debacle in The New 52) and I’ve tried a few of his Image books, but nothing stuck. This one might. This is about a middle aged actress trying to get work in Hollywood, and because she’s middle aged and Hollywood is the worst, nothing goes her way… Until she gets possessed by some god knows what thing, and murders people. Strange first issue, but gripped me. Loved the art, Djibril Morissette-Phan’s style really reminded me of Sean Murphy, so, that’s a compliment towards it. Haven’t picked up a new Image book in awhile and stuck with it, so hopefully this might be one.

Revival #42

Okay, I was expecting the big reveal of who killed Martha to be a bit more substantial than a last page reveal/cliffhanger. Sure, the rest of the issue has shown how the entire town has gone to shit (to the point where the military is thinking scorched earth) but I was in this for the reveal… Then we get to it and I’m just like “Wait, but how and why!?” and I go back to the first issue trying to see if there’s any clues. Maybe there are, but I’m willing to bet #43 is just going to give me all the answers I want. But the reveal makes sense in a way given that it’s a character who has been there from the beginning but hasn’t done much in general, so why not?

Paper Girls #9

Surprise, Paper Girls is still batshit crazy and now it’s got Eisner awards to back up their craziness. For as difficult as it is to keep all the weird shit that’s going on straight, there are some genuinely intriguing bits going on between Erin not knowing which other Erin not to trust, or if that was good advice or not, then there’s the little bit between her and the older her at the end which was kind of sad… but yeah, still completely fucking insane. Waiting for an issue where all the characters just sit down and eat a sandwich or something.

Nailbiter #25

The coolest thing about this issue was the fact that it went all the way back to the Hack/Slash crossover and made that thing totally canon. I figured it was just a fun thing like the Chew/Revival crossover, and nothing more, but making the events of that issue totally meaningful in the longterm was pretty cool. Then we got more off page revelations that characters know but not the readers and damnit! I want to know so badly!

Kill or Be Killed #2

Fucking Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips sure are good at this noir storytelling, huh? So after the initial wtf first issue with a god damn demon or something getting the main character into some pact where he has to kill people because reasons. So we pick up at this point and follow the guy, inside his own head, as he figures out how and who he’s going to kill, and god damn if it isn’t written in a real compelling manner. I’ve read this duo’s last handful of books from Fatale, The Fade Out and now this, and Kill or Be Killed is already jumping up to the top as my favorite of the current trinity.

Red One #3

I almost forgot about this book entirely given it’s odd release schedule, but nevertheless, I’m glad the world of Red One’s Communism and porno is back. I remembered how much I enjoyed the vibe of this book with it’s satirical take on American culture, which really has become less and less satirical and more realistic in the time between issue #2 and now and on top of everything, it’s just a ridiculous book that’s a bit over the top and enjoyable. I do remember that I had a problem with the speech bubbles in the first two issue which seems persistent here. I don’t know if it’s just something with the translation (from French, I believe?) but there just often seems to be too many words packed into too small of speech bubbles. Kind of distracting on some pages.


  1. Well I'm sure you're happy about the rumored Damian Wayne game that's being developed by WB Games Montreal. Supposedly it's coming out in 2018 and has been in development for over a year where it's set over 10 years in the future. Bruce would be a mentor to Damian while Dick has a shaved head. I wish there was a better way to say that sentence. Two Face would be in his Judge persona while different versions of villains would appear like Poison Ivy. I really don't want the game to be focused on Damian and it should be about Dick. I'm taking the rumors with a large grain of salt since no mainstream site is reporting on these rumors, but it sounds interesting.

  2. Slcmof who is a Youtuber was reporting on it and he got his information from Byte Size Impressions who reported on it first. Then someone on Neogaf was reporting on it too recently. Like I said, I take it with a big grain of salt, but Byte Size has been reporting on the Suicide Squad game too which has been in development for 3 years and Geoff Johns confirmed the existence of that game in a Game Informer issue 3 years ago when Arkham Origins came out. I don't believe the Damian Arkham game is real even though it's possible I guess.