Sunday, September 4, 2016

Stack Rundown, 09/04/2016

Real short week this time around. If you were looking for my long delayed post of the Gotham Academy Annual, well, here you go!

Gotham Academy Annual #1

This issue did two things. First, put me at ease towards the new volume’s artist, as Adam Archer’s stuff in here looks way different than what it looked like in the final issues of the first volume. Second, reminded me how crazy Gotham Academy can be. So I flipped through this Wednesday morning, saw Blight and thought “Oh, that’s cool, they’re working Blight into present day continuity?” NOPE. He time traveled back from the future to kill Warren McGinnis so Terry McGinnis would never be born. On top of that, Maps travels to the future off screen, and finds all this out, including Terry McGinnish being Batman. This is a book about school children, and they’re time traveling now! That’s insane! But it’s kind of amazing. If this shit is possible in Gotham Academy, then god help us all if DC let’s this creative team off the leash.

Tokyo Ghost #10

I was initially a little disappointed to learn that this book would only be ten issues, but that being said, now that I’ve gotten to read the finale, I’m totally okay with it ending here, even if there was a cliff hanger of sorts at the end. Everything wrapped up pretty nicely, sacrifices were made, the good guys win, nobility and all that. I’m going to miss Rick Remender and Sean Murphy working together, but that said, I think Seven to Eternity #1 comes out this month and then Sean Murphy is going to draw a fuck ton of Batman, so, you know, I’m not complaining.

Saga #37

Usually I tweet out stuff like “OH SHIT SAGA COMES OUT THIS WEEK” and truth be told, it’s never a surprise, as I usually look the week before to figure that out… Not this time. I open up Comixology to buy Tokyo Ghost, expecting it’s the only book I’m going to buy this week and then I see a new issue of Saga. Which one of you forgot to tell me?! Anyways, SAGAAAAAAAAA. It’s great. This arc seems to be headed towards the real fucked up parts of war. Then you got Sophie wanting to kill Marko and Alana now too, which… great, that’ll be fun. Ten year old assassin. I’m sure nothing sad will ever happen there. Also, full panel, top to bottom, erect robot dicks. Saga, never change.

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