Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #4

If you're thinking the weird thing on the cover is a little hint to what's to come in Night of the Monster Men, then nope, not that. Just another regular weird ass thing!

The Spoilers:

Turns out the old lady from the first issue knows all about the Owls and their secrets, and how they keep their records recorded on coins, as if they were vinyl discs. Armed with the knowledge of where to get the Owls' secret info, when the duo are welcomed into the new nation that the Parliament has built, Dick decides that there's no more long game, it ends tonight.

And end it does, Dick and Raptor release the slaves and navigate the maze looking for an escape. Soon after their deceit is noticed, the result of the Owls stolen Kobra tech comes chasing after them, you know, big ugly on the cover. 

Acrobat stuff and what not, Dick and Raptor get away, Dick makes Raptor for being a circus kid, Raptor reveals he knew Dick's mother as says goodbye to Dick, by pushing him into the ocean where Spyral picks him up.

Dick reports back to Gotham, Batman skeptical about the judgement of working with a criminal and trusting him no less, Dick says he's not Bruce and happy for it, because unlike Bruce who doesn't want to step in the dark because he knows he won't be able to go back, Dick knows how to test his boundaries or something like that. 

BUT. Raptor totally is bad, working with Kobra, every time Spyral figure out a name of an Owl, Kobra gets it too, and will probably kill them. Whoopsies.

The Opinion:

This was one of those books that explicitly states the one thing I've having a problem with. I thought the Owls angle was cool, but as Dick straight up says, they rush to finish it up within this issue. The Owls just seemed like a total non factor. Nothing that made them interesting, mysterious or cool really made its way into this arc and I thought it was less for that... now on to the next thing? Owls aside, everything else about the issue (and arc) was cool. Dick reading Raptor and vis versa is a pretty interesting element. Not sure how I feel about the constant "DICK WENT DARK" thing the book is trying to hammer home. I mean... not really? He idly stood by towards some shit, sure, but he was playing a long game. I'm just confused what was so bad, the same way I was confused why Barbara was so pissed last issue. 


  1. Highlight: That "wet his pants" panel was the best written Damian I've read in ages.

  2. Above all else this book needs a better artist. I miss Janin

  3. Seriously waiting for Marcus To to take the artist reigns of Nightwing.

    1. Too bad we have to wait until issue #10 though. >.<