Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SPOILERS: Night of the Monster Men, Pt. 1 & 2

Because these issues lead directly into the next, kind of pointless posting about the first one then the second, thus having them appear out of order on the site. So this will serve as my post for both Batman #7 and Nightwing #5.

The Spoilers (Batman #7):

Tim is dead and a storm is coming towards Gotham, potentially bigger than the Zero Year storm, so Bruce is in extra "nobody dies" mode to compensate for recent events, and everyone knows it. As the team he's assembled with Batwoman in Detective plus Nightwing disperses to organize evacuations of at risk neighborhoods into elevated caves, something real bad happens... a giant deformed monsters makes its way into the street.

After taking the monster down, tissue samples sent to Duke and Alfred in the cave confirm that somehow, this is the man who killed himself in front of Gordon a couple issues back, warning that the monster men were coming, so Bruce now suspects Hugo Strange is at play, and he is, as these monsters are spawning from dead bodies under his care. 

But with one monster figured out, things don't end there, as an even bigger one makes it's way to the scene. 

The Spoilers (Nightwing #5):

Big fucker with multiple heads makes its way through the city, Bruce sends Dick to the morgue to investigate what Strange has got going in there, while he and Batwoman try to divert the monster allowing Stephanie, Cassandra and Clayface to continue with the evacuation into the caves, where some weird shit is going down, as everyone looks covered in blood and gets real agitated.

Duke and Alfred figure something out about whatever is making these monsters, some sort of manipulative cells, presumably laced with Venom as we heard from Waller, and so one. Dick deals with some armed guards at the morgue and sees that there are four bodies missing, which means with two monsters accounted for, they don't have eyes on the other two. 

This is where more info on these monsters are made. One of the deceased, was a member of the Kobra Cult, and was the guy who shot down the plane in Batman #1. But, Hugo Strange had gotten to him before Kobra, and that was inside Blackgate, so something something logic, and they figure that the monster is headed towards there, and sure enough it is. With no one able to get to Blackgate in time, Gotham Girl, despite being told not to by pretty much everyone, suits up and flies to the prison.

The Opinion:

I love how planned out this story feels so far. With stuff from Batman #1 being referenced, and the Monster Men being a thing spoken in Batman throughout the run, this story so far gives off the feeling of having care and thought put into it, not "do whatever, we need to fill in some gaps on the schedule" type story. Steve Orlando and company have brought us a story that is so out of the norm for Batman books normally, but because of the way it was set up, it feels totally natural. Riley Rossmo's art on Batman was fantastic. I've said it before that I'm generally more a fan of artists who have their own unique style, and Rossmo is definitely one of those guys, so putting him on a Batman story with a whole bunch of grotesque looking monsters is a total dream. So far so good, Night of the Monster Men is definitely off to a great start. If we get more crossovers like this which feel naturally conceived, rather than "here's a big story, tack something on it because reasons" crossovers, then consider me happy. 


  1. I love the planning and the sense of a "pay off" for reading other rebirth books as the continuity feels very tight. Having all the asterisks and references to where the info originally came from is proof of that. I still feel nightwing needs much better art. I miss michael Janin. Can't wait for your stack rundown to see how you felt about the f*cking AWFUL justice league issue

    1. Didn't buy Justice League this week, don't intend to.

  2. This story is so awesome and everything is connected. I'm just loving the horror feel of this crossover.

  3. I'm not really feeling this storyline, but I'm glad it exists, for variety's sake.