Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #3

I mean, it's more Harley Quinn and friends fighting zombies, with lots of innuendo and whatnot.

The Spoilers:

While Harley and Ivy shower off their various body parts covered in other various body parts, Red Tool gets a new arm, that of a criminal chronic masturbator, attached to him, because... it's this book.

BUT THEY NEED FOOD! So the gang travels down tunnels beneath Harley's place, and boy is there a lot of weird shit down there, it's almost as if it's setting up other possibilities, but oh no, Zombies. All looks doomed for Harley and co. until the alien parents of the alien that everyone ate come to pick up their son, by ripping out all the digested pieces of him out of all the zombies. 

That's that, zombies over, Harley and Ivy plan for a trip to the Bahamas in ten weeks, which... hold a  minute... Which would be November 16th, and those books area already solicited, so maybe if this was their coy way of saying "Harley and Ivy vacation issue," that one would end, and it'd be 12 weeks when we actually get that issue(s).

The Opinion:

This book either straight up doesn't give a fuuuuuuuuuck and is just seeing what they can get away with, or someone is just asleep at the wheel over at DC. I mean... They just put an arm of a criminal known for masturbating in public or some shit onto their Deadpool knock off, because reasons. You may find that insanely immature, but you've at least got to respect the balls of this book. Anyways, more zombies, that was fun. The art just isn't working with Blevins' layouts, which are very uninteresting on top of taking away from each artists' unique style (Hardin is definitely the most effected) I hope this was just a temporary thing to keep the book on schedule, so we'll have to see.

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