Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #1

Gotham Academy is back in session and boy do I haaaaaaaate the new girl.

The Spoilers:

Gotham Academy is on winter break, and with nowhere to go, Olive stays at the school, only accompanied by Prof. MacPherson during the days, until one day where she's blown off and finds her new delinquent roommate Amy in her room. 

Amy is a total shithead. Like... She makes me so angry. Not going to lie. She does the whole "people suck, throw a rock through MacPherson's window, now lets go break into this closed off museum that once belonged to a woman who was really a Cobblepot and for some reason those strange Arkham symbols are in it." The duo finds all that stuff out when they come across Eric, the spazzy kid with a thing for Maps, who is hiding out in it. Amy ends up finding his drawings of maps, steals all his notes on the building, along with his inhaler and locks both him and Eric in the house. Eric starts having a panic induced asthma attack, and Olive is forced to literally break her way out, where they're met by Bookworm who has Eric's inhaler.

Seriously. Book aimed towards a younger generation and I'm a grown ass man... but fuck Amy. She's the worst. UGH. 

The next day, Olive meets with Prof. MacPherson, who apologizes and says Bruce Wayne gives his regards. Though Olive is lonely, she also ensures that everything will be back to normal soon as the students return from break.

The Opinion:

Well, the trio of writers have done their job fantastically in terms of making a teenage punk ass girl so unlikable, because when I read it I was just turning every page like "what a piece of shit!" Maybe there's something else to her, there always is in this series, but SHE SUUUUUUCKS. Other than piece of shit Amy, I was a little hesitant going into this series given that I had fallen off during the year book issues and was hesitant towards the art switch. Rest assured, this issue is an instant return to form. You can tell that there has been an art switch but the colors and digital painting (whatever it's credited as) do such a fantastic job of matching Karl Kerschl and Adam Archer's style, creating a real nice sense of cohesion through the two volumes. In terms of story, you have shit Amy, but we're instantly back to the secrets of Gotham and the Arkham family, a lot of which was left unresolved, so I'm looking forward to picking that stuff back up.

Glad Gotham Academy is back. 

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