Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #941

Things go from bad to worse and somehow Hugo Strange has been in only like... one page out of 60 so far, not so sure he'll actually be dealt with anytime soon.

The Spoilers:

Let's just do a quick rundown of everything and how it's going bad. Batwoman and Batman are stuck dealing with the monster on the cover + extra heads. Clayface is stretching himself too thin (literally) to save all the people he can... and those are the more well off characters.

Spoiler and Orphan are cut off from communication and have come to find whatever ooze is seeping into the cave is instilling rage in all those it touches. They figure it's like some sort of algae or fungus, a single organism spread out. Through some science shit I've never heard of before, they figure if they heat up the cave with flairs, it'll off some pheromone or something that organisms like that use to communicate, long enough for people to regain the sense and escape.

Meanwhile, Gotham Girl makes it to Blackgate and leaves a bunch of collateral damage in her wake, because she ain't alright. Nightwing comes to find her face to face with the monster there and she tears it apart. Like, Ryan Ottley gore levels, tears apart. After the monster is dealt with, Gotham Girl regains her composure as Nightwing tries to comfort her. But the monsters blood did something to both of them and whoops, they're monsters now too!

The Opinion: 

Still a real fun story so far. Nightwing becoming a monster is really ridiculous, but hey... it's October (sort of), tis the season. I'm pretty unfamiliar with Andy MacDonald's art, but came away pretty please. That's a pretty favorable comparison on the violent monster tearing apart front. Not quite the level of bloody detail Ryan Ottley will give you, but those pages with Gotham Girl sure were grizzly. 

Again, so far so good on the crossover front. It's ridiculous and I kind of love it so far. 

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