Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #940

In short. Yes, the rumors were true and it happens. What is "it?" Well... you know... IT.

The Spoilers:

Jacob Kane sure is pissed that General can't hack back his drown fleet that Tim is somehow destroying. I bet his daughter punching him in the face doesn't feel great either. Unfortunately for everyone though (well, maybe less so Jacob) there's a second wave of drones headed Tim's way.

Jacob maintains that he's the good guy and will be proven right in time. Kate maintains that he's going to be rotting in a military prison as ARGUS is knocking on the door. Jacob initiates a alien tech teleportation thing to get his giant ship out of Gotham airspace, but Kate tackles him out of it before the Colony makes its escape.

Back to Tim. Yep. Well. That second fleet is coming and he knows it. So... he says his goodbyes, despite Bruce's order not to. No one makes it in time. The entire fleet opens fire and the drones leave having completed their mission to eliminate their one and only target. The only thing Bruce can find in their wake is Tim's bloodied staff. Kate is second to the scene and promises that her father will answer for it, but Bruce makes it a point that Jacob will answer to him personally, demanding he be locked in the Belfry's containment cells. 

Later that night, Bruce finds Stephanie as she enters her apartment. He tells her that Tim died a hero, saving hundreds of lives and he'll be remembered that way. Steph tells Bruce he doesn't understand and hands him the genius grant letter Tim hadn't yet told Bruce about. Seeing that Tim had planned his future outside of the cape and cowl, Bruce breaks down with Stephanie as the two embrace. 


So. Reading the Superman books? No? Well... if you're interested in the greater DCU Rebirth shit, you probably should. Remember Mr. Oz from the Rebirth special? Well he recently captured Doomsday in Action Comics for reasons... Guess who his latest guest/prisoner is? Tim Drake. Oz tells Tim that he's very loved and very important. He's beginning to reconnect "threads" that shouldn't yet be connected, so thus, he had to be taken off the table. Tim warns Oz of who he is and promises that he'l get out of wherever he is and that it's not over. Oz agrees... it isn't over.

The Opinion:

Well... In the New 52, Tim might has well have been dead anyways, so why not just do it for real this time, right?


No but really... This was fucking sad. I flip through my books when I buy them on comixology. I just want to get a general sense of what's gonna happen. But even knowing full well what's going down, this issue still made me choke up. For someone as cynical and jaded as I am, it's real hard for a comic to do that to me. Tynion and Barrows just crafted a death scene that was equal parts sad and heroic. And then the part with Bruce and Steph at the end... damn.

Now to get the Rebirth shit, if we're playing the "this character is a lynch pin of the DCU, can't have him interfering with whatever" card, I think there's an argument to make that Dick Grayson fits that description a little better and it's the very reason why he wasn't killed in Infinite Crisis, but regardless... whatever is happening in Rebirth in the large scale sure is as weird as it is interesting given that Tim Drake is now on some sort of level with Doomsday in terms of importance. 

So that's all I got. Doesn't really feel right to go "and here's what I didn't like!" because there really wasn't a whole lot... BUT I'LL TRY! 

Why does it look like Tim got punched in the face? Like, the entire side of it is swelled up. Did Tim get punched by a drone? 

And there you go.


  1. Well, the way Rebirth is creating these crazy mysteries, it's either going to amount to a big wet fart or a really fun and interesting payoff. I'm intrigued and having fun with all the crazy twists, I just hope they turn out to be worth it and not just randomness to string us along and trick us into thinking an empty pot at the end of the rainbow has gold in it. *Crossing fingers*

  2. I'm glad they didn't off Tim, but they removed him just when he was getting good again! They could have just had him ride off into the sunset to college if they really wanted to dump him. I hope this Oz thing pays off.

  3. Since he'll be stuck in that cell for a few months/years, hopefully they'll use this opportunity to fix his hair. Go back to the Red Robin solo series shaggy do. Or not because Rebirth.

  4. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea that spiriting Tim away to a super-secret prison is a more effective method of taking him off the board than just letting the drones kill him. That's... odd. Also, I know the prevailing wisdom is that Mr. Oz is Ozymandias, but is it at all possible that it's Parallax? The only real connection between Tim and Doomsday is that both were characters that were prominent in the 90's. If Kyle Rayner is the next to be abducted, it starts to look like a pattern.

    1. If Oz is capturing Tim, that seems to imply that Oz has a plan for him. We just don't know what it is.

  5. DC needs to keep Tynion on DET as long as possible he's writing the best Batman book right now.