Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #2

For whatever reason, whenever I do the pre jump text for the write ups of this series, all I want to do is write "The birds are back in town" over and over again in the style of that Thin Lizzy song.

The Spoilers:

The Birds and Jim Gordon have Santo, or whatever the hell that guy's name was (whatever, he's probably gonna die) to a GCPD safe house while fending off the Santos guy's thugs. When they get there, Jim pulls Batgirl aside and given that she's actually his daughter, she knows what's coming and Jim thinks she's over her  head. She insists that she and the Birds got it, they don't need Batman's help and so on. 

When they finally get back to the Clocktower, oh hey, Jim called Batman anyways. While Black Canary and Huntress go out to spar, Bruce and Barbara have a talk which boils down to Bruce going "Jim's worried, you sure you got this? Okay, you got it." and then Barbara saying she knows how to find him if need be.

So Barbara baits this Oracle fellow, they trace his signal, and she finds an empty server room with data she can steal. Unfortunately Dinah finds a bomb. Babs still wants the data, and she gets it, but it's only because of Helena that both Dinah and Babs make it out at the last minute. Then of course Oracle uses a drone to tail them back to the GCPD safe house where the fence he's working for sends her snake metahumans to kill the Santo guy and the Birds.

The Opinion:

So far, this was my favorite issue yet. On of my favorite things about Gail Simone's Birds of Prey, which is the basis of my love for the team, was the downtime. Sure, their super hero antics were alright, but it was the downtime, them interacting as a team and eventually friends, that was where the real entertainment was had. That's what got me to like each of the characters and eventually their relationship with each other. Between Canary and Huntress' sparring session, Babs tracking Oracle, and the banter after the bomb went off, this was the first real glimpse this series has given me of all the great stuff that made me fall in love with the Birds in the first place. I'm also really starting to love Claire Roe's work a whole lot. She's got a real great style that's just fitting everything perfectly, which makes it a bit disappointing that this issue had some fill in. Luckily, there was a a distinct scene break where Roge Antonio stepped in, but even then, I don't know if his part was rushed (may very well have been since it's fill-in) but his characters looked... stubby? Take that panel of Babs lying down after the explosion for example.

Fill-in aside, I've got to admit, these three women on the creative team who I had never heard of prior have really done a great job of giving me back the team of three women who I once loved, and this has been the biggest step forward so far.

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  1. This book is improving. It's kind of evident that it's being written by folks who are used to writing for TV rather than comics. Some of the dialog would sound really good with an actress speaking it aloud but falls a little flat on the printed page. They seem to be adjusting though - this issue read much more smoothly than the first two.