Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #3

Why couldn't this issue open with Kai having gotten his ass kicked? Have I gotten the point across that I hate that guy? Boy that second issue really soured me on him. I feel like I should probably drive that point home a bit more.

The Spoilers: 

Having gotten her shit rocked, Babs goes over her memory to see what she did wrong, because given Moth's tattoo was similar to the one that the girl from #1 had, she figures she's going to need to be better prepared for immediately. Because Moth has locked Kai in his bathroom and is ransacking his room. Batgirl is able to predict her moves this time and quickly disposes of Moth out a window. Later she confronts Kai who is clearly hiding something, so she bails on him.

Excuse me...

I need a moment... I'm just so happy.

ANYWAYS. There was a spy camera in Kai's room which Babs tracks down to S. Korea. On the flight she sits next to some probiotics salesman and comes to the conclusion, based off what Kai said he was doing and who he was working with, that he's in some sort of... information carrying bacteria trade or something. Sure. Weird logic, but okay.

Tracks stuff down in Korea, comes across Moth and some other dude with a lot of strength, they go "Our Teacher went to Shanghai" and obviously Kai is in danger (boo) but Batgirl is in a whole different country.

The Opinion: 

Fuuuuuuuuuuuudge Kai. He's one of those side characters that I've gotten to the point of "Just off him, who cares?" Because I mean, really. At this point in a new series are we going to care if the forced for an issue love interest gets killed off when he's probably sleazy anyways? Nope. DO IT!

Anyways, this issue improved leaps and bounds over #2 since it included Barbara Gordon doing... you know, Batgirl. Considering there was a page and a half of Batgirl in the last issue (all of which was in the preview) Batgirl being Batgirl was a pretty big improvement this month. At this point though, this story just seems sort of inconsequential, as if it was a stop gap to get Batgirl out of Gotham for a couple of months for some reason. Nothing has given me the impression that we'll get anything from this story other than Babs learning some lesson from her one meeting with the Fruit Bat character. We'll see... with today's news and just the general vibe of this opening story, I feel like I'm willing to press the reset button on this book once again at issue #7. 

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  1. I kinda hope we still get some of Babs doing MMA in her off-time when she returns to Gotham, though. 'Cuz that was the highlight of last issue to me. That said, I don't necessarily want Kai to die...but I wouldn't be bothered if he went away. lol