Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #2


The Spoilers:

This path that Two-Face has lead Batman down has left him with not a single ally left in his pocket, as Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock and the GCPD knock down the door to Wayne Manor, a couple days from now.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Harvey have made their way to the top of a train where they must fend off the likes of Killer Croc, Amygdala, Cheshire, and more. While Bruce and Harvey narrowly avoid death via mauling, poison, and whatever the hell else is thrown at them, the crime lords of Gotham, Penguin, Great White and Black Mask meet with a... freelancer. KGBeast, whose services don't come cheap is hired to kill Batman and keep the crime boss' secrets safe. His one requirement other than his substantial payment, that they clean up the mess, and there will be mess as he says. 

Let's just skip to the mess? Duke sees something about some chemicals, Bruce gets shot in the head, there's this house that's going to be important, the one he's headed to, and now he wakes up int he back of a police wagon, with Harvey and cops under his payroll (I think?) AND THEN KGBEAST. Who fucks. shit. up. Meanwhile, back to Gordon and the GCPD, they tear down the grandfather clock, and all Gordon can do is ask what Bruce has done. 

Then in the back-up, Duke's meeting with his mother doesn't exactly go well, but his test with Bruce continues as they investigate the woman who Zsasz targeted. Unfortunately, Duke is now the new target of Zsasz as he soon finds out by a slash to the chest.

The Spoilers:

Okay. This issue was completely fucking badass. It's just insane. This book is insane. What Snyder is doing with Romita is just action packed bat shit crazy. KGBeast man... I've never cared about him one bit, but boy does he make a good first impression. Dude just rests his bottle of vodka on the decapitated head of a Talon he clearly murdered and kept the corpse as a trophy. The only thing that hasn't clicked with me yet is the back-up, and that's simply due to the nature of back-ups. This is a larger story being told 8 pages at a time, and because of that, a single entry of the back-up just feels like a weird combination of rushed/incomplete. I get the distinct feeling the back up story will read much better once complete. 

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  1. What kind of weak-ass armor is Duke wearing if he can be slashed badly in the chest by a swing of the blade?

    It's like Bruce is intending to get him killed to move the dark cloud of doom that hovers over the Robins. He's the sacrificial lamb!

    Oh, and for some reason, Penguin goes out of his way to mention the vodka is American, not Russian, to KGBeast. Is that a dig? Isn't he trying to hire him in that scene? I thought it was a weird piece of dialogue.

    It's a crazy ride, though. I like this book.