Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Batgirl Gets a New Artist for 2017

File this one in "news that was pretty easy to see coming," because Batgirl is getting a new artist come 2017. When Rafael Albuquerque was announced to be the artist of a new Hit Girl series, it was clear his time was coming to an end, because there was no way both would work out (hey, American Vampire), in fact, he might have mentioned he was doing six issues and that's it. So like I said, not a surprise.

Christian Wildgoose will take over come January, starting with issue #7. He's a new name for me, but if the art above is any indication, I'm sure he'll do just fine. With Wildgoose joining Hope Larson, issue #7 will see Batgirl return to a more gentrified Burnside, so basically it'll be the South Park episode, probably.

My opinion on the matter? Completely fine with it. That art above looks gorgeous, and while I'm a fan of Albuquerque, and enjoy his work on Batgirl currently, it just seems like an odd tonal fit that hasn't quite clicked. Also, like I said, saw this coming, so I never got too particularly attached.

Please no Kai.

(Source: DC Comics)

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  1. Don't worry, she'll get another forgettable love interest to get in the way of the plot at every turn