Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stack Rundown, 08/28/2016

Boy this was a long week for me. Barely had any time to read comics, but here I am. This train don't stop! Except when I'm really tired. Then that train can screw off.

Deathstroke #1

This entire issue was made for the golf scene at the end. Priest is writing Deathstroke as kinda the biggest piece of shit with some semblance of a heart, as he should be, but holy shit did the golf bit at the end bring that tone to an abrupt, yet hilarious halt. Couldn’t stop laughing at that. I found the order of this issue to be a bit confusing given the nature of Clock King and his time control weirdness, but skimming through it again it became a lot clearer. Yeah, this book is pretty cool so far.

Action Comics #962

I know everyone thinks Oz is from Watchmen, but I’ve been pretty hesitant. Kinda of still think it’s just Dr. Manhattan since the other Watchmen characters are either dead nor would want to do some take over different universe bullshit. Ozmandias controlling Doomsday though… that would make sense for various reasons. So, maybe. Also, Superman and Wonder Woman fist bumping? What? I mean… that just seems dumb. The art in this book is also super inconsistent across the board. Not the best example of Rebirth’s double shipping.

Wonder Woman #5

Greg Rucka sure is having fun with Steve Trevor and ripping a new one towards the tropes of masculinity. This book has been great, but a weirdly slow burn for a twice monthly book. Clearly, this is due to the even and the odd issues telling separate stories, but this lies story just seems to be taking it’s time. Maybe the two are going to sync up at some point and it will all become clear. That said, I guess the stuff with Sasha and whoever is a clear indication that some other things are afoot.

Titans #2

…yo, Roy Harper looks waaaaay better with a Domino mask, just saying. I feel like this book should be one of the twice monthlies. Every time it comes out and it’s on like… issue #2 where Batman is on #14 or whatever by now, I get reminded of the fact that with all the Wally West stuff, you’d think this book would be on that “get as much story as they can out” priority list. Eh. Not sure how I feel about that Kadabra guy. The book hasn’t really done much to explain who he is and why he hates Wally West, other than relying on “This is Rebirth, old continuity is back, you all know that right? OKAY!” Well, I don’t. Despite this book only being monthly,  it has hit the ground running pretty quick, but that said, I’m looking forward to whenever it can take a step back and slow down a bit to sort of reestablish the team and who they are. Granted, we’ve been getting quick hits of it here and there, but as much as I know about the DCU, I just never read the Titans, because I came into single issue reading as a Batman fan, and by the time I was going into the larger DCU, Cry for Justice was happening and yeah, not about that, then New 52 and here we are.

Hellblazer #1

Have I mentioned how much I love Moritat’s art? Because, I really, really do. Plus, Swamp Thing! And eventually Moritat is gonna have to draw Abby Holland, and I like her, so that’ll be great too! I guess John Constantine’s in this right? Yeah, he wasn’t that big of an asshole this issue, much more subdued than last, but while that’s going on there’s some demonic shit stemming back from the start of WWI going on, so I’m sure that’ll cause Constantine to be an asshole at some point, WWI was like that.

The Flash #5

My “eeeeeeh, did someone just get fridged” alarm is going off. Clearly, last page cliff hangers are just that, and if recent comicbook outrage has taught us anything, it’s to wait until the next issue. That, and I’m pretty sure Williamson knows better than that. Anyways, for as concerned as I was with this book going speedster crazy, it has balanced all the characters well, only really adding a couple new ones that are important, and the rest seem to grimly be cannon fodder for the bad guy.

Chew #57

Boy, did shit sure get dark in this one. “Hey Tony, you got to eat this guy, hahah, never mind, I ate him and since you ate me, that means you ate him… Now go eat your wife.” YEP. It was just a total “Jesus fucking christ, Layman” moment for me. Only a couple of issues left and they’re just pulling out all sorts of grim shit like this. Layman’s been teasing how messed up the final issues are, but I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if it gets anymore messed up than this.

Invincible #130

So, Invincible is ending huh? Remember when I dropped it a couple months back because I was tired of the predictability… Well, didn’t predict that it would end next year. We see Rex five years later having fixed the earth but still, Mark is skeptical. I’m sitting here reading it like “I know I’m supposed to side with Mark as a reader, but there really hasn’t been any indication to support him, so yeah… Rex seems alright now, maybe he was right.” But who fucking knows, the book is going to end next year and I expect everything to blow the fuck up something big.

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