Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stack Rundown: 08/21/2016

Hey, more Rebirth books came out, some were good, and two that DC really shouldn't be fucking up, well... they're totally fucking up. See image above.

Green Arrow #5

My first “okay Rebirth, we get it, but no thanks” moment… putting Ollie back on the fucking island. I GET IT! He was on the island! Stuff happened on it. But at a certain point, it really serves no fucking purpose to keep putting him back there. It’s like how we always see Batman’s parents get shot in every fucking movie, even though you’re born with the inherent knowledge that Batman’s parents got shot. Whatever… art was still great, story was fun, Emiko doing a double turn was nice. But man… talk about when the book perfectly illustrates your feelings on what just happened by saying “not again” on the very last page, because no really… not again.

Suicide Squad #1

Fuck. If you follow me on twitter, none of this should come as a surprise: This issue sucked. When it was announced that Jim Lee wouldn’t be drawing a full issue and instead the stories would be more action oriented, I just thought “That’s code for this book not having an substance” and BOY was I right. Lee’s inability to illustrate a full issue in favor of going the “action” route is a total detriment to a book that DC should have really not fucked up out of the gate. Nothing fucking happens in this issue. We’re introduced to the team (again) then they crash land in Russia. The fucking end. On top of that, all the characters interactions are scraping the bottle of the barrel. Instead of playing off each other, the only two characters who actually address each other regularly (barely, given 13 pages) are Flagg and Waller, the rest of the issue is filled out with individual characters just saying lines that aren’t in relation or a reaction to anyone else. It’s just a piss fucking poor first effort. Then we’ve got the back up, Deadshot’s origin again. Sure whatever, he teamed up with Batman. That was a good back up, but it shouldn’t have had to be there. On top of that, real talk: Jason Fabok’s art looks a hell of a lot better than Jim Lee’s. It’s more refined and detailed… and Lee’s work on this issue just looked as if he had phoned it in. I’m going to keep reading this book, because like Justice League, I can’t help but feel DC won’t let it just sort of flop around like a fish out of water for too long.

Supergirl: Rebirth #1

Going from a book I was 100% disappointed to, we get one I’m 100% surprised by, here we have Supergirl. Now, I’m not a Supergirl fan. Never felt the need to read any of her books (well, I might have tried the New 52 relaunch, can’t remember) nor am I a fan of the TV show, but Steve Orlando has proven himself to bet a writer who really cares for the DCU, and Midnighter was fantastic, so I figured I’d give it a shot. This issue did everything a #0 issue should do (might as well be a #0 issue): It gave us a quick introduction to everything that is new, but didn’t feel like a full fledged first issue in terms of plot developments. Plenty was teased, but unlike a lot of the other one-shots, it’s not just the first issue where they start the main plot immediately. It was fun, Emanuela Lupacchino’s art looked great too.

Justice League #3

And here we’re back to the shit. Suicide Squad and Justice League. Arguably the two biggest team books DC’s got going, and both of them are off to poor starts. Let’s ignore the nondescript generic nature of the threat at hand that the Justice League is facing: but now we’re getting issues that are just incoherent. I have no fucking clue what is happening. Is it bad that when I saw that DC cancelled the remaining issues of JLA (again) I thought “Maybe Hitch will get mad and walk off?” like New 52 bullshit style? Because this… this should be the shining of example of Rebirth, and it is anything but that. Generic, incoherent and not in celebration of anything that makes the DCU good.

Superman #5

So, are we going to tell Lois that the Hellbat suit literally kills you in order to use it? Or are we just going to off another Lois Lane to get the internet real mad? But yeah… going to bet that they wash over that little fact, even though Tomasi and Gleason were the ones who conjured up that suit. inconspicuous whistle time. Anyways, punchy issue was punchy. Superman done got eaten. Then he eats the Kryptonians from Eradicator’s inside? Does that mean he’s going to barf up Krypto at the end? Probably… or… something ELSE could happen… We’ll just leave it at that.

The Wicked + The Divine #22

Well, that certainly was bloody. To think, only one person had to die with all that blood. I figured that the death that came in this issue was at least an arc out and that arc would be the last, guess I was wrong. Still seems as if things are winding down a bit, but the letters page in the back makes it seem like there’s still a little bit to go. Interested to see where this series goes from now on, considering that the main “threat” is now dealt with. Said threat did spit out a bit of ominous bits of dialogue before they were killed, so something’s probably going to come from that. But yeah, the characters in this book sort of regained their freedom, and I guess that basically means the book is free to do whatever now.


  1. Glad I'm not alone on justice league. Rebirth has been great and has me reading books I never would have picked up before ie action comics, super girl. It fixed green arrow and brought back a great Titans team. How can the two tent pole franchises justice league and suicide squad be sooooo bad?? I can't believe after readings Hitch's JLA that they would ever let him write justice league. As far as SS I love Jim Lee but if his schedule is causing the book to only essentially be 13 pages get anyone else. Fabok and Ivan Reis aren't on other books and they are fantastic

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  3. Remember how much fun Seeley and Ferreyra were on Suicide Squad? And how Seeley cut down the roster so he could give each character a distinct voice, and create fun interactions between them? Sigh...

  4. I'm not entirely sure Suicide Squad works as a "tentpole" DC franchise. A big part of the appeal of the classic stuff was that it was so far off the beaten path. The characters were all d-list and unimportant, and so anything and everything could happen to them. The mortality rate was high, the roster turnover was rapid, and you never knew quite what to expect next. Once the series and main cast become institutionalized it feels like something is lost.