Monday, August 8, 2016

Stack Rundown, 08/08/2016

Day late, dollar short... well, I don't make any money off this site anymore, so I don't care! Just didn't feel like reading half my pull (all the Image and Vertigo books) yesterday, so I took a break. Nevertheless, here we are. More new Rebirth, some new Image titles and some classics holding strong.

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

Well… at least the book was good? With that Harley Quinn special earlier this year, I thought Rob Williams’ Suicide Squad might be trying too hard to be “out there” or heady, but safe to say, this issue was pretty back to basics. Amanda Waller back to being the fucking Wall, and then you got Deadshot, Harley and Boomerang being violent and saving the world. Pretty good start. Just hope the fact that Jim Lee’s art schedule is kneecapping the full stories to 13 pages in my main book won’t hurt it more than it helps… But for real, get Lee off that shit ASAP. He’s got no business drawing anything on a hard deadline anymore, and making excuses by saying “We’re going for really fast paced action packed serial type stories” just says “Jim is slow and these stories are short” to me.

Justice League #2

Yeah, starting the big Justice League book off in some disaster movie scene with some nameless faceless alien entity is pretty fucking boring. Plus, those aliens are about one body short of being the fucking reapers from Mass Effect, straight up. This book just seems so counter productive to what Rebirth has been, celebrating the DC Universe, and here we are… with some generic threat that has zero personality, which in turn causes the book itself to have zero personality.

Green Arrow #4

I felt this was the first issue to take a misstep for me, but not a huge one. Some shit happened with Oliver and Diggle in the books that I’m not super aware about, but this issue plays off that without actually explaining what happened. Something about some woman? Speaking of some woman, there are a few specific hang-ups about Black Canary being the damsel for Green Arrow to save that came up here and made me remember some shit I didn’t necessarily want to. Other than those two things, Green Arrow is still great.

Superman #4

I found this issue to be a bit strange with the narrative device if that fully grown Superman fan boy who runs that bar being… I don’t know, the ground to the issue? Having him be POV (sort of) just felt out of place as if it was supposed to be a bigger sort of one and done issue, but instead, in the middle of a big fight stemming from the last issue and with no real reason to be. Didn’t help that I found everything around it to be a bit confusing with all the kyrptonian ghosts and whatever the hell came out of Eradicator.

Kill or Be Killed #1

Well, I was on board for the next book from this creative team because their Image output has been great, but I wasn’t real sure what it was going to be outside of “dude kills dudes.” Thought it was going to be some gritty sort of book… Then there’s this fucking demon who is making the kid kill other people for saving his life when he tried to kill himself. Was not expecting that… Fucking Demons, man. Seriously, there was just no indication of this, so I was pretty happy to be completely surprised.

Paper Girls #8

So Paper Girls is still real weird. Twisty as all hell, that’s about all I can say about it. It’s still a fucking weird book and cool/crazy shit just sort of happens because why not, BKV can pretty much do whatever he wants and Cliff Chiang’s art is fantastic. The “don’t trust the other Erin” thing was real weird, especially since there are two other Erins, but I’m going to assume they mean the one who wants to take the other two girls tens of thousands of years into the future. Because again, why not?

Tokyo Ghost #9

This entire series was worth it for that single panel of Davey telling Hitler to check his privilege. I don’t think I’ve laughed harder at a single panel this year. Fucking fantastic moment. Anyways, it was a penultimate issue, setting up the big fight at the end. Killing the entire world is a pretty dastardly thing to do for Davey, so yeah, that’s messed up. But for real… Check your privilege, Hitler.

Low #15

I remember when this book came out I thought it was pretty refreshing to have a character like Stel in a Rick Remender written book that was so full of optimism. YEAH WELL, time of death: Issue #15. We just end an arc with literally the last bastion of this woman’s hope being crushed by some dude who falls from the sky or some shit. Probably the black king guy the (now) dead bee lady was talking about. Yeah, crazy, violent issue that leaves you wondering how the fuck you continue the story when everything has been razed to the ground.

Black Science #23

Rounding out this week’s Rick Remender trilogy, it feels like this book is going into another big shake up, as per tradition. With Grant inevitably getting himself put in between a rock and a hard place, the Witch requiring his intellect in order for him to fix all the problems he caused on Pia’s new world, along with the next cover for #24 looking like Grant is surrounded by the men in black, it’s probable that some shit goes down next issue and the book’s direction is turned yet again. That’s what I do enjoy about this book, it just keeps you on your toes as every arc seems completely different from the last.

Nailbiter #24

This fucking book man… As soon as some genuine answers starts flowing from someone’s mouth, he ups and injects himself with some murder drug and his head done explodes. Well ain’t that some shit! But it is an exciting time for the book, some crazy stuff is really starting to happen, which is making those mid issues a year or so back where things were just sort of moving along a tad bit lethargically, a moot issue of the past.

Sheriff of Babylon #9

How does this book get any more tense? Well, we got our Cowboy facing some two-faced agent who has caused a whole lot shit (pretty much everything) and we’re left with hands on side arms, then our two Arab friends meet their terrorist who shows up to the party with a suicide vest. Yep. Tense as all hell. When all is said and done, and the apparent bro-mance that has grown between Tom King and Mitch Gerads, and considering Gerads’ exclusive contract with DC, I’d love to see them do a short story on Batman that is this super tense and crazy… or just say fuck it, and make this book go on past issue #12.


  1. Re: Justice League, I feel like it's Bryan Hitch telling one of the only stories he knows: global extinction level disaster threatens the world! He already did it in his (incomplete JLA) and he drew it in The Ultimates (yeah, he didn't write it, but still). It just seems like global disaster is his schtick or something. I agree it's a weird choice for for the Rebirth "celebration" of the DCU. And yeah, faceless, nameless alien bugs is lame. Not loving this so far.

    Re: the Remender books, it's pure uncut Remender just straight up Remendering his way through his stories. Woo!

  2. Hitch's justice league is the weakest rebirth book by far. What makes it worse is Johns justice league was one of the best Nu52 books. The dramatic switch in quality is horrendous. It should be the lynch pin for rebirth and be advancing the story threads left by the 80 page rebirth special.

    1. You never know. The stories could get different and better.

  3. Sheriff is supposed to be getting a second "season" at some point.