Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPOLERS: Batman #5

Batman vs. Gotham! Not the city! The guy! But Batman is Gotham! Because metaphors! Boy am I glad this is over... spoilers.

The Spoilers:

Getting pass the brilliant Alfred distraction we all saw in the preview, Batman shows up to do battle with Gotham, or at least talk him down, and it doesn't go well. So Bruce has to make the call he's not to pleased about, and gets the big guns to come in... but the Justice League doesn't fair too well either, and Bruce needs to know why.

That's Duke's job. He's in the cave comforting a still scared shitless Gotham Girl, but he also needs to know what the source of their powers are and why they can seemingly get stronger by will. Turns out they bought their powers, but they come at a price. The powers use up their life. They could literally turn themselves into gods, but would be dead in a matter of hours. So that's probably something to note in the future.

Anyways, Bruce eventually gets Gotham's attention away from destroying the city and solely on him, claiming that he's the embodiment of everything Gotham hates about Gotham... (yeah, I know) and he should be the one Gotham destroys. Luckily for Bruce, Duke talked Gotham Girl into joining the fight, eventually beating and ultimately killing her own brother.

In the narration that ends the issue, it is reveled that in the future, Gotham Girl and Duke get married. Also... apparently she kills Batman too? Every year they visit the site where Gotham fell, as it reminds her of the origin of Gotham Girl and the death of Batman. 

The Opinion:

Up until the last page, I thought this was another good issue, great fight scene. Gotham looked super menacing, the red eyes added a lot... but then that last page came and it was the exact sort of what the fuck Tom King thing I'd been waiting for. Also, as you might expect, I love the fact that the Justice League actually showed up, as I've been all about this book acknowledging the DCU. There are always these moments where you go "Why doesn't the Justice League show up" and this issue answers that in many ways by first of all actually having them show up and second of all, establishing that Bruce basically has a "stay the hell away from my city" policy with them, which is fitting. Then there was the Alfred scene and man... Tom King is having fun writing Alfred. Art is the same story as last time. Inks are kind of inconsistent across the board, assuming due to the schedule, but Jordie Bellaire's colors bring it home.  


  1. Liked the tease at the end of issue. Reminded me of the foreshadowing stuff from King's Vision comic 👍

  2. Here's the thing about the foreshadowing. I loved the way it was revealed, Tom Kin is clearly a master of this art, but are we really pretending Batman is going to "die" again? I'm sick and tired of this. Unlike the foreshadowing inn Vision, which makes you shake in your boots, this was pretty impotent for me. "Oh, so he dies. What else is new?"

  3. I wasn't clear whether Gotham Girl was saying she killed Batman, or just referencing killing her brother.

    Also: the question the story begs is - who did they buy their powers *from*? Hard to believe King will just let something like that sit out there. Strongly suspect that's a story thread he'll pick up at some point. Who could sell God-like (or Spawn-like) powers?

    1. I looked at her wording a for a bit, because of the nature of Gotham's name and what not, but with the "death of Batman" it definitely makes it seem that way.

  4. What if the "death of Batman" just meant that he let her kill her brother? Batman doesn't let people die, but this time he did. So the embodiment of what he represents died that night. More metaphors, maybe?