Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #3

Batgirl proves herself to be a third wheel in Dick's new bromance.

The Spoilers:

Dick and Raptor are out to destroy the plans of the Parliament's HQ, which were created by a paranoid maze maker, who was once told an assassin would be his death. Joining them will be Batgirl, who isn't happy she was stood up and isn't happy with Dick's new "choice" of partner. 

Dick vouches for him, but Barbara's patience is tested when they come to find Raptor over the maze maker's dead body, as the Parliament watches on, pleased to think that the Bat family will now forever question Nightwing's moral compass and he will turn to them forever. Turns out though, it was a ruse. Raptor staged it, dude is still alive, Raptor gets the plans from him.

Babs is pissed though. Like "break up if we were dating pissed." Raptor basically goes "sucks, man" after she leaves, but he's got plans to do... like visit the old lady he attacked in issue #1, who is apparently the Parliament's book keeper and the key to taking them down. 

The Opinion: 

Barbara's reaction to Raptor fooling the Parliament and Dick's association with him seems to be pretty rash. She's played as super straight laced to Dick's circus boy moral code or whatever you want to call it, but her basically going "NO PRANKS (even though it was fooling the Parliament) you totally don't want to be a part of the Bat family or whatever!" just seems out of line. Other than that, it was another fun issue. I think the Owl storyline is going pretty quickly... maybe a bit too quickly. We have the Court of Owls, then apparently some bigger organization and it seems like they'll be dealt with in four issues? Plus there's the fact that the Owls have barely been in this book at all... I just need a bit more owl, to be honest. 

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  1. The whole thing with Babs was kind of a mis-fire. The notion that Dick "let an innocent man die" is pretty ridiculous. Raptor didn't ask Dick's permission before "killing" the map-maker - it's not as if Dick stood idly by and endorsed it. And if the idea is that it happened on Dick's watch, well, Babs was there too. Just sayin'.

    I was glad and a little relieved that turned out to be a hoax, so we can avoid a bunch of "Dick has crossed the line" melodrama.