Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #2

Hey, new Nightwing issue, there was one last week too, that's pretty cool.

The Spoilers:

Dick and Raptor have to reluctantly work together, but, Dick has to play it cool and go along with the Owls’ thief for hire on a mission to recapture a Owls boat taken by Kobra. As Dick gets to know Raptor, he sort of detests the fact that he finds some things in common with the thief, but nevertheless, the mission must go on.

Dick soon finds that the boat the Owls wants is full of refuges that Kobra wanted to experiment on. What do the Owls want? They’re building an off shore country… and they’re going to need someone to build it, so basically… slaves. And because he has to, Dick has to let Raptor hand the boat over to the owls. But Raptor isn’t all that he seems, after their meeting, he confronts Dick and is well aware of Dick not really working with the Owls. Raptor seems to be the same, and promises Dick while they have to get dirty, he, like Batman won’t let him fall into the darkness… not too deep at least. So, Dick seems to have a somewhat sketchy ally… or does he? I don’t know, there’ll be a new issue in two weeks.

Also, Dick totally stood up Babs, because it’s a Nightwing book and of course he has to. 

The Opinion:

Part of me just finds Dick being Nightwing again so weird. But as soon as he stood up Babs I thought “you know what, maybe it’s not too weird.” Raptor’s allegiances and motivations remain curious, especially due to upcoming solicitations, so consider me intrigued. Like Grayson, this issue put Dick into some pretty tough spots, but I think this went way above and beyond what Grayson did, because I mean… boat of slaves, sort of fucked up. Fun start so far. 

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