Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #1

Harley is back with a whole new look and book... well, actually no, it's pretty much the same thing.

The Spoilers: 

HARELY IS BACK! From last week… even though I didn’t write up that issue, because it was one of those “one day in Harley’s life that doesn’t really matter” issues, plus the last issue too. That said, Elsa Charretier’s art is fantastic (I think I butchered her last name, my internet is super slow, so I’ll fix it later if I did)

Anyways, we’re here on the new shit, and after a couple of pages of Harley being naked with Ivy, recapping her origin, and introducing the cast, THEN THERE ARE ALIENS! One alien crashes, mistakes cows as the master race, tries to blend in, then gets slaughtered. His meet gets packaged and sent to coney island, and it turns people into zombies, because that’s totally how that works.

Harley, Big Tony and Redtool all go Zombie punching, but Redtool gets bit. Maybe this works like regular zombies and it’s spread through bites, maybe it doesn’t, but Harley cuts off his arm, and launches his ass off her scatapult to a hospital, because why the hell not?

The Opinion:

God damn it I love this book sometimes. Harley cuts off a dude’s arm, his good arm, then just goes “Oh… Whoopsies.” Then she launches him out of her catapult that is meat to fling dog shit all over the city.

What is this book!?

Don’t answer that. It’s stupid and it is amazing. I may have my ups and downs with the book, but when it’s nice and dumb like this, boy do I love it.

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