Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #939

Is this the part where they kill Tim?

The Spoilers:

The Bat team reclaims the Belfry, and because it's totally the right time to think about it, Tim reveals to Steph that he plans to go to school full time. But not before the Colony threat is dealt with, because as Bruce is tattling to the President of the US, Tim figures out that there's a lethally armed drone army headed Gotham's way. Tim summons the team, Bruce makes the plan, there is no League of Shadows and the Colony is targeting innocents, so they can't allow anyone to die.

WELL, speaking of innocents, there's one shifty looking dude who Cassandra rescues who may be pretty questionable given the look on his face... but a story for another time.

Anyways, there's a lot of drones. Tim can't hack them out of the sky, but he meets them half way and figures out how to divert them, change their targeting system in a way that locks General out of his own system... So the drones need a target, what does Tim do? Set them all to aim for him. Steph is the first to realize what's going on and tells Batman, who rushes to scramble anything he can to get to Tim in time, but the issue ends with Tim going face to face with all of those drones.

The Opinion:

Look, the rumor is Tim is going to die. I don't actually believe it, because it sounded like it came from a drunk guy talking to Bleeding Cool at SDCC. Something probably is going to happen, whether Tim "dies" and is resurrected in a Lazarus pit with some Rebirth shit attached, who knows. I just don't think James "my favorite character is Tim Drake and this is my dream book" Tynion is going to kill Tim Drake straight up.

Anyways, great issue. Between the stuff with Bruce and Kate, to Tim's plan, just fun as all hell, and with Eddy Barrows back on art. Favorite little moment was panicked Spoiler using Tim's actual name name over comms, Batman trying to correct her, which lead to her basically going "STFU I don't care!" That little moment just felt so genuine. 

Book continues to be great, no surprise. 


  1. I will be miffed if they kill Tim Drake just when he's gotten interesting again. He was my favorite Robin and the only rightful heir to the Bat mantle.

  2. Naw i dot think he'll die. One tynion loves him. Second hes imo important in the book as leiutent to kate. Aldo tyion on twitter says trust him on the drake front. So i will lol