Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #938

And this is the issue where everyone starts punching everyone else.

The Spoilers:

In the aftermath of Jacob Kane's wife dying, he's brought into a secret briefing where he's given control of a covert operation that will eventually become the Colony, and we see that despite his methods, it's all for Kate in an attempt to have no one hurt their family like they did, ever again.

Back in the Colony's base, all hell breaks loose, Kate orders the team to fight for a retreat. Tim does some hacking against the General, finds out that the Government doesn't even know how far Jacob has taken the Colony, and they're essentially operating rogue. With that in mind, Batman, Batwoman and the team all escape, thanks to Clayface being a good bridge, and Cass a badass. 

General informs Jacob that Tim took the information that could shut them down, but also informs him that he went ahead and gave all his bat drones lethal ordinance without permission and says they could wipe out all the League of Shadows sleepers before they're shut down. Jacob gives the order.


The Opinion: 

This issue was worth it for the two Cass moments alone. "Yes" and "Hi" are all that's needed. Clayface also adds a bit of comedic relief as well. So yeah, this was the fighty issue, and I'm sure a whole bunch of shit is going to hit the fan in the next two issues. If there was anything I would have liked to have scene from this issue in particular is maybe Barrows have drawn it? Martinez is doing a good job, but he's clearly not as flashy as Barrows, so with all the action in this issue, I can't help but wonder what could have been. That said... Given the Nightwing issues where Barrows either had fill in helping him or they scrambled to get someone who looks sorta like him to draw the issue, I'll take Martinez any day of the week over that, miles better. 


  1. This Tec run is probably the best work Tynion's ever done. I'm thoroughly enjoying this team effort book.

  2. I don't have as much connection to Barrows, since I only read Nightwing much, much later, and didn't pay that much attention to the art. I do love Martinez from his work on the two Eternal series, so I have to say, I actually enjoy the art on his stuff more (though he's not as flashy, he did get the awesome beer-mug scene).