Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #4

Not that this book had a bad start, it was just different than what I expected from a Tom King written story... but man has my opinion changed on a real drastic upswing.

The Spoilers:

Batman comes across the carnage left by Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate influencing Gotham and Gotham Girl, and all that’s left are 27 dead bodies and a traumatized Gotham Girl. Bruce leaves Gotham Girl to Alfred and Duke while he searches for Gotham, who is nearly as traumatized as Gotham Girl, but is trying to “fix” things, which includes another Monster Men bomber and a confrontation with Bruce on the bombed out bridge.

Duke radios into Bruce after that to inform him that he found something on the military tags of all those killed by Gotham, and all signs point to Task Force X and Amanda Waller. It doesn’t take long for Bruce to find Waller, then he learns that she was sent to clean up Gotham and was using Strange and Psycho Pirate, but Strange went rogue so they’re going to need to help each other.

But before all that, Bruce catches up to Gotham who is at the home of his freshly slain parents, as one of his victims wasn’t quite dead, got a look at Gotham’s face, found out who he was and wanted to take revenge. Gotham wants to kill that dude, Bruce tries to talk him out of it, doesn’t work, Gotham feels he can fix the city by burning it to the ground.

The Opinion:

Okay, I fucking love this book now. It seemed a little thin up front, but now that we’re pretty deep in and it’s clear that this book is going “Connected plans! Long term storytelling!” it’s really fun. Tom King also put in one of my favorite recent “Batman doing Batman things” moments, with General Lane going “We’re a mile underground, he’ll never find us!” Then Waller giving him the “Yeah, Batman is right behind you.” Such a cool moment. 

That said, the ongoing saga of “who the fuck is the inker here?” continues. I’m team Danny Miki, and I think some pages here support my side of the argument. Some of these panels didn’t even look like David Finch drew them, they reminded me more of Aaron Lopresti, and the figures just looked detached and pasted on to backgrounds rather than being part of a full image. 

I did also thing the ending was a little cheaply rushed. Just went to “You took off your mask, he saw you, shit happens.” It was just a hard cut that didn’t work in my opinion. 

Negatives aside, this book has quickly been proving itself to be a favorite of mine. 


  1. Couldn't agree more. Kept thinking this book wasn't bad but def wasn't as good as snyders or any of kings other books. Then boom this issue shut me the fuck up! Love this book now. I had to reread that ending a few times as it is a bit jarring and took me a second to catch up. Bottom line in king we trust

  2. Well, that happened. Sucks that Gotham lost his way, but King said at Newsarama he and GG will play a role in all three parts of his trilogy. So maybe he'll be redeemed.
    And man, does he write Waller well!