Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1

Barbara and Dinah are back to teaming up and Helena is back to drowning dudes in shallow puddles. You can't go wrong with the classics.

The Spoilers:

After a flash back and some typical "we're not BFFs yet, so we're going to punch each other" fighting, the newly reformed Birds of Prey and the yet to join Huntress find the man they both want for various reasons to be dead by way of snake bite, lots of snake bites. And off Huntress goes!

Babs and Dinah make it back to the watchtower (something going on with the realtor, probably future thing) and get taunted by whoever Oracle is, then figure to go after the mob boss that the dead guy worked for. Funny thing is, Huntress had the same thought, and they find her shoving his face in his own fountain. Fights. fights. Then some snake dude named Asp shows up. He works for mob lady, who is client of "Oracle." Team-ups happen, Canary cry, hesitant team up for both parties to get what they want. Also, during the fight, Helena reveals she worked with Dick. Forgot that... but yeah. Then we see mob lady and Asp, Oracle tells them about the Birds of Prey, Asp decides to bring in some of his snake friends for the next issue.

The Opinion:

It feels good to have this book back along with it's core trinity. Sure, we're back to square one with Huntress being all stabby stabby kill kill, but hey... Rebirth knows what they're going for. My only hope is that it doesn't last too long. This issue was well paced, had it's witty moments and some pretty good action. There were a couple of head scratchers in terms of dialogue, like Huntress offering Batgirl information on Dick or the guy she was going to kill... like... what information on Dick? I've been reading Nightwing, they've been hanging out... everyone knows he's alive. Then there was Dinah saying she didn't hesitate at the chance of working with Babs as the BoP again... um... pretty sure that was my one big criticism of the last issue, the whole underlying tones of animosity between her and Batgirl that didn't seem necessary. Whatever, not a big deal. I'm starting to love Claire Roe's work. Her shading mixed with Passalaqua's colors make for some really cool looking scenes, like the final one with the mob lady that looked straight out of a noir book. If I had any criticism of the art it's that Roe tends to draw awkward looking teeth... Weird thing to point out, I know, but some panels are just... toothy. But if that's the only bad thing I've got to say about the art, then we're in good shape. 

I'm glad the Birds are back, and I'm glad it's a great looking book. I'm just generally glad!

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