Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #2

I don't come away exactly pleased when the grand total of Batgirling in this issue was shown in the preview.

The Spoilers:

So after getting into Singapore and taking down a peeping tom, Babs tries to think over her last encounter in Japan, and the only strange thing she can remember about the woman she fought was a Chinese tattoo for the word "pupil" on a Japanese girl. Then she goes on her mission in the country to train in MMA, ends up going to a more underground place when the main promotion sort of sucks.

Then the rest of the issue is all about Babs crushing hard on Kai, and just talking to her self about him for a good majority of the issue. Long story short, I don't give a shit about that at all, so moving on to the final scene.

Babs is in an MMA fight, person she's fighting has the same tattoo, distracts her, she gets knocked out.

The Opinion:

I feel like last month I said something along the lines of "boy I hope this doesn't turn into another BABS' NEW BOYFRIEND story" and sure enough, here we are.

Is it that hard to get a Batgirl story that isn't about the guy she's dating? or just doesn't involve a guy in any romantic sense at all? Here's why I don't give a shit: Because it doesn't matter, especially recently. Every writer has their love interest for Babs, it lasts an arc or whenever there's a switch, and then the next writer has a new one. I feel like there were a couple in Gail Simone's run. Maybe just the Ricky guy, I forget. There was the young cop in the Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr run, then Batwing, and now Kai. DC either gives Batgirl an irrelevant boyfriend or they tease the shit out of the Dick Grayson thing and then blow it up for the laughs. I'm just tired of it. I just want a boyfriend-less Batgirl story. Focus on what makes Babs great without having to go "but there's this boy!" every other scene. It's tiresome and boring.

This brings me back to my greater point that I've talked about multiple times before: I think romance in modern superhero comics sucks 95% of the time. They're uninteresting, hamfisted and made irrelevant as quickly as they were pushed. And when it comes at the cost of something else (like Batgirl actually being Batgirl in the book that's called Batgirl) then it does no one favors... ::sigh:: All this, the week before Tokyo Ghost ends. You want a good example of comic romance? There you go. 

What else is there to talk about this issue? Nothing really. A good 75% or so of this issue is Babs going "but Kaaaaai." There might as well be 15 pages of her playing "he loves me/he loves me not" with a flower. There's practically only two pages in here that I care about and like I said, the only pages where she's actually doing Batgirl shit were in the preview, the rest is a bit of MMA training and Babs twirling her hair around her finger going "Kaaaaai." Disappointing read, that's for sure. 

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  1. I haven't read any of Larson's work, and I'm not sure if it's DC calling the shots when it comes to Batgirl. This Rebirth launch for the character feels a bit weak.